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Twitter Marketing Tips to Boost Your Social Media Efforts in 2023

Gulshah Asadli
Gulshah Asadli Author
Twitter Marketing Tips to Boost Your Social Media Efforts in 2023
Social Networks Oct 25, 2021 Updated at: Nov 24, 2022

Twitter is similar to an online newspaper. Everyone discusses trends, engages in debate, and even converses with celebrities and famous individuals. It is completely free to share your thoughts on Twitter. As a result, it is also simple to run a company using a Twitter account. But, this is only feasible with effective Twitter marketing tips.

twitter marketing tips

This article will make the process easier of using Twitter to improve your business, traffic, and revenue.

What exactly is a marketing strategy for Twitter?

A marketing strategy for Twitter is a plan that centers on the creation, publication, and distribution of content for your buyer personas, audience, and followers via the social media network. This sort of strategy has as its ultimate objective the acquisition of new followers and leads, the acceleration of conversions, the enhancement of brand awareness, and the raising of product sales.
The process of developing a marketing plan for Twitter is quite similar to the process of developing a strategy for any other social media platform, and you will need to follow all of the same stages.

  • Conduct research on the buyer personas and audience you intend to target.
  • Develop original and exciting material, and set up a publishing schedule for it.
  • Consider both the influence you had and the results.

You might be asking what sets Twitter apart from other platforms. Why would you want to put in the effort to create a profile and content for the platform if you're not going to use it?

What sets Twitter apart from other platforms?

There are a lot of reasons why Twitter is an excellent marketing tool. Here are some of them:

  • The usage of Twitter for business marketing does not cost anything.
  • Twitter makes it possible to promote branded content and share it in a matter of seconds.
  • Twitter extends the scope of your reach.
  • Twitter makes it possible for you to deliver prompt assistance and service to your customers.
  • Twitter operates as a search engine tool that enables you to look up your rivals and the marketing content that they produce in order to determine the strategies that they are employing.
  • Prospective customers may use this as a search engine to obtain information about your business and become familiar with it.
  • Twitter makes it possible for you to engage in conversation with your followers, provide your audience with the most recent details about your brand, and speak directly to them.

Most-used marketing tips for Twitter in 2023

Here are they:

Mystery of hashtags

It is so hard to imagine Twitter without hashtags; they can be your top marketing tips for Twitter. Hashtags make it easy for people who aren't following you to find your posts. If someone searches for that particular hashtag, they will be able to see your tweet, and you will gain dozens of new followers as a result.

Twitter Hashtag Analytics with a hashtag has been shown to generate twice as much interaction as a tweet without a hashtag. Tweets with two hashtags have a 21% higher engagement rate, whereas tweets with more than two hashtags have a 17% lower engagement rate.

Create a unique brand hashtag; if consumers tweet about your brand and include this hashtag, it makes it easier to interact. Assure to include content-related hashtags related to your brand in your tweets.

twitter marketing tips

All you need is to talk

Twitter is a platform for talking. So, if you don’t talk to your followers, it won’t make sense. It is also one of the easiest to apply Twitter marketing tips to reach followers and enhance engagement.

There are many ways to keep connected with followers. Like, Retweet, Reply, Mention, Follow, or just Message them. People also like quick replies. To be viewed as a credible discussion partner, try to react to comments and messages as soon as possible.

You may accomplish interaction things using a user survey or by tweeting a question and asking your followers to answer. This might be a product review, advice on new items, or even customer service comments.

When you see someone has talked about your brand, @mention their name and reply to them, it is such a public message; everyone will see it. Don’t be afraid to reply to negative tweets, as well. If you comment creatively, it is a plus!

Don’t stop by followers, diss to your competitors, but don’t go far :D. Look at these examples:

Twitter marketing tips from Wendy's


Twitter marketing

Influencers are really worthy

Twitter influencers are extremely influential and one-of-a-kind because, at the end of the day, their followers respect their thoughts. Find industry influencers that are relevant to your business to start one of the next marketing tips for Twitter.

To draw attention, start following them, retweet, reply or hear their content, and send your products or free samples to them to review. Once they interact back with you, start collaborating with them.

The campaign strategy is determined by the business, but the creative aspect should be left to the influencer. They are well-known for their distinctive style and taste. Only influencers will know how to reach out to their fans, so leave it to them.

Influencer marketing also depends on your goal. Identify if it’s for brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, traffic or sales. Since each influencer marketing approach will provide various outcomes, you must develop distinct methods for each campaign. And, in order to establish targeted tactics, you must first identify your campaign goals, as your goals will eventually determine your plan.

Marketing tips for Twitter

Be creative

Looking for Twitter marketing tips, and don’t know where to start? Of course, you need to share something! Use a variety of content types - photo, video, gif, link, live conversations, go as creative as you can.

Twitter has 280 characters for content. So keep it short, but give your message. Look at trend topics, use hashtags, but as we mentioned, less is best, retweet more, quote and share your ideas, follow competitors (not really follow, just look through, lol), and have a strategy.

Your Twitter marketing approach should include posting on the platform when your target demographic is online and creating high-quality messages that will elicit engagement from your followers. Post at least one time a day. And also use analytics to find out what is the best day and time to post.


Twitter Ads is a fantastic complement to comprehensive marketing tips for Twitter. You've arrived at the right spot if you want to boost the number of followers on your accounts or improve conversions. Twitter advertising allows your company to market its products and attract new people who may be fascinated by what your brand has to give.

Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, Promoted Moments, and Automated Ads are all examples of Twitter ads.

When you promote a regular Tweet, “promoted” is shown on the bottom left side of the post. Any type of content can be promoted.

You can also promote your account in the same way with posts. Promoted accounts are shown in the “Who To Follow” section.

Trend topics are the soul of Twitter. You can promote your special topic in the “Trends for You” section.

In Twitter Promote Mode, your material is automatically used for promotions and ad campaigns. Twitter will choose the content and target demographic, and the adverts will continue indefinitely until you turn them off.

Create Twitter lists

A Twitter List is an organized set of Twitter accounts you've picked and placed together in specific categories. Any user has the ability to create and browse Twitter Lists, and anybody can construct their own. For instance, HubSpot has compiled a number of lists, some of which include the Top Leadership Experts, Top Marketing Experts, and Top Business Podcasters. When you open a Twitter List, all of the tweets that are displayed are those that were made by the accounts that are on the list.

If you want to limit the accounts that you follow on Twitter, Twitter Lists are an excellent tool. You may divide your lists into categories such as business inspiration, competitors, and target audience to make it simpler for you to examine the posts, conversations, and material they share.

Take charge of a Twitter chat

You are able to engage your followers, debate a topic, develop a feeling of community, and ask your audience for their ideas or advice on whatever you are working on by scheduling and hosting a Twitter chat on your own account.

You will need to select a topic for the Twitter Chat (also known as a TweetChat), establish a time and day for the chat to take place, and come up with a hashtag for the chat. You may distribute this information to your followers by tweeting it, posting it on your website, including it in your Twitter profile, or doing anything else you see fit.

Everyone who wants to participate in the Twitter Chat should then be able to view all responses, questions, and comments regarding your topic of choice by searching your unique hashtag. In addition, everyone should be able to share their own comments and thoughts by adding hashtags to their tweets.

Use a scheduler

The other beneficial one of the listed Twitter marketing tips is you can schedule posts. Scheduling systems can help eliminate the need to log in to the site numerous times each day to send out tweets. Keeping your content plan a mixture of scheduled and spontaneously generated tweets can keep your timeline fresh and operated by real persons.

If you own a WordPress website and want to engage your Twitter audience, or if you want your Twitter audience to be aware of your blog articles when you generate a single post, you may Tweet about it on your Twitter account.

FS Poster Twitter marketing plugin

You will need FS Poster plugin, which is specialized in sharing WordPress blog posts as well as all custom post kinds on social media platforms such as Twitter.
Compatibility with 18+1 social networks guarantees you have a continuous and reliable digital presence. The plugin may be used to schedule WordPress blogs, custom articles, and WooCommerce items across several platforms.

Twitter will allow you if you have a few accounts and share a few posts every day. However, if you or your company have several accounts and need to share a large number of postings, you may need to utilize a Proxy.

Furthermore, if someone shares a large number of postings from the same IP address at their home or business, they may be blacklisted.

If the shared post includes text as well as an image or video, the first 280 characters are shared together with the picture or video. If the post includes both text and a link, the excess text is removed from the text, but the entire link is shared. If the link length exceeds 280 characters, the link is removed from the post, and only the content is shared. You may configure the plugin to share your content as a link card view or to upload photos. If your photos do not appear in the link card view, you may debug your website on the Twitter developer page to see why.

To know more about how to post to Twitter, open the link. Or to learn more about the plugin, Try Demo.

To Wrap Up

Above mentioned marketing tips for Twitter in 2023 are only a few. It all depends on your followers, consumers, and brand to select the most influential and beneficial one for your purposes. Analyze, create objectives, communicate with followers, get the assistance of influencers, and post regularly and creatively using the most effective tools. Good luck!

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