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Before Submit Your Ticket


Please Check The Following Before You Create A Ticket

- Make sure you are running the latest version of the plugin and the latest version of WordPress.

- Check our Documentation for the answer to your question.

- Disable any additional 3rd party plugins you may be using to see if it fixes the issue. Mostly, issues happen because some other plugins do not release updates and it araises plugin conflicts on the website.

What Does Support Include?

Our support includes help to use the plugin correctly, configuration, and any bug fixes that may arise. Unfortunately, we cannot provide support for customization or 3rd party plugins. If you need help with the customization of your plugin then you should look for a developer.

1. Go to the FS Poster settings > General settings and disable the License status option;
2. And install the plugin on your new website.

Note that we highly recommend exporting the plugin data in the Export & Import settings before disabling the option.

When you submit a request, a random Facebook worker review it. If that worker does not have knowledge about plugin or WordPress, he does not review your request properly and declines it. Please try to re-submit the same request again. Eventually, your request will be accepted.

The plugin supports a multi-user platform. Each WordPress users can add and manage their own social accounts. One WordPress user cannot share any post on other's accounts. But you can make your accounts public for other WordPress users. For this, you should activate the "Make Public" option. After that, other WordPress users can post on those accounts/pages. And they should activate these accounts for auto-share.

FS Poster plugin multi-userMulti-user support


The license information is stored in the database, options tables. You receive this error message if the license information is deleted. This means either you deleted it manually, or you have a plugin or service that has deleted the table.
1. Go to WordPress > Plugins
2. Deactivate FS-Poster plugin.
3. Delete the plugin.
4. Reinstall the plugin.

This issue is not related to the plugin. The plugin works as described below:
When you create a WordPress post the plugin gets the URL of the post and your custom message. Then, the plugin sends them to social networks. If you choose the “Link card view”, the plugin does not send the image to social networks. Social networks fetch the image of the post from the URL. If the image is not showing, it means that, there are connection issues between your website and social networks. Here are some of the common reasons:
- Check the OG tags of your website, especially og:image meta tag should have been included in the website. Firstly, Social networks tries to fetch images with this tag.
- Check if your website has an SSL issue. Social networks cannot access your website URL if there is an SSL problem.
- There's a timeout limit for each social networks. For example, 10 seconds. If your website is loaded in more than 10 seconds, Social networks interrupt the query and give a timeout error.
- Check the types and sizes of the featured image. Every social network has its own requirements. For instance, Facebook will not support it if you upload small images to your post.

You can debug your website URL from the links below:
Copy and paste the URL of your post. If Facebook cannot fetch the URL, it will give you the reason.


1. Make sure you have activated your accounts;
2. Configure Cron Job on your WordPress;
3. If you are using a crawler plugin to publish your posts, you need to define the user in the crawler plugin as the author, the user account where accounts are activated. Let's say you have defined the example_user as the author in the crawler plugin, so you should activate your social network accounts on the example_user user.

FS Poster plugin auto-post

The plugin supports all custom post types. Go to FS Poster > Settings > General settings > Custom post types to add a new post type.

Only admins can see that; it is not visible to users. If you do not want to see that, you can create your personal app.

For posting on your group, you should authorize the App for the groups. Go to Facebook Group Settings > Apps section, and click the “Add Apps” button. Find your App name and add it to the list.

FS Poster plugin multi-user


If you use Fs Poster standard app, do not confuse it with other apps.

FS Poster plugin multi-user



Instagram removes captions from the images when you exceed Instagram limits. Here are some reasons


If you use the cookie methods, you need to log in to your account on the incognito mode and close the browser without logging out. As a result, the session will not expire. That session will remain until you change your password.


That means Instagram has sent a message to your number or email which you have added to your Instagram account. Simply follow the steps in the email or text message. Then try to add again.

There are limits on Pinterest. The limit for approved App is 1,000 requests per hour, and the unapproved app is 10 requests per hour. You receive this error as long as you exceed the limit of 10 requests per hour. Either approve your App or use the cookie method to add your account.

You can add your suggestions to our suggestion system. We first add the most elected suggestions to the plugin. If you add your email, you will receive a notification when the suggestion added.

There is no limit. You can add unlimited accounts.