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How to Write First Tweet For a Business?

Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh Author
How to Write First Tweet For a Business?
Social Networks Jan 24, 2022

Wondering how to write the first tweet for a business? Often people have dozens of ideas for Twitter but are struggling to generate first tweets for businesses. Today will look at why you need to be on this platform and explore some good first tweets for businesses.

The DNA of writing a winning first tweet for a business

It is the Twitter time of the week.

For over a decade, Twitter has been the hottest place for conversations around any topic. It has raised a generation of Twitter kids and influencers.

Twitter, a social media platform with over 353.1 million users and 206 million daily active users worldwide, allows you to turn your creative gears on and authentically promote your brand. Based on the years of collected data, Twitter has its solutions on how to curate the best tweet for businesses.

The first tip is to limit the number of hashtags to 1 or 2 per tweet. Often people sacrifice the content for the sake of getting a higher reach. Do not fall into the trap of hashtag race. Focus on the meaning of the tweet and use timely and relevant hashtags for a good first tweet for a business.

The tip is to keep it short and sweet. Although Twitter has 280 character limits by itself, being concise within that frame is still a winning practice. Instead of injecting multiple ideas into a single tweet, communicate a core idea. If you want to continue the idea consider starting a thread underneath the post.

If you think you have done, not yet. Keeping the tweet short does not mean granting authenticity to your content. To hook the audience and build ties you have to keep it conversational.

One last thing, use images, videos, or GIFs in your tweet. Compared to written content visuals are more effective to grab the audience’s attention. Twitter revealed that there are over 2 billion video views per day on the platform. Same as the text, remember to keep videos short for the highest engagement.

18 Good first tweets for business

Twitter has a quick tour for new users on where to access the most important parts of the platform such as your profile, settings, etc. It also guides you to write the first tweet as a business or a brand.

This section provides ideas on what to write as a first tweet. For example, Hello Twitter!, or Setting my profile types of ideas. Although there is nothing wrong with posting these are made for every new user. They are dry and do not tell anything interesting about your business.

You can click on the #MyFirstTweet hashtag to discover other first tweets for businesses. We compiled the list of first tweets for businesses to talk about.

1. Introduce yourself 

how to write the first tweet for a business tweet introductory post

Introducing who you are is a smart beginning. Explain what you are doing with the help of photos, relevant hashtags. You can add excitement about being on Twitter.

As a global brand, American Express did not need much to introduce itself. Yet they used added excitement and glow to their first tweet.

Or, Ford Motor Company used its first tweet for a business to connect with its followers.

2. Show how to get in contact with you 

Apart from your Twitter account, you have to provide other contact details where users can immediately find you.

If you are serving a physical product, you can invite users directly to your store. 
If it is a digital solution, provide a link to your website. Freelancers can add links to their portfolio websites where visitors can look through your works right away.

The best example in this category was made by guess whom? Google. They wrote their first tweet for a business in a binary. To understand it users had to search it on Google. The translation was “I’m feeling lucky”.

3. Answer a question

Answering a question could be a headstart for your brand’s Twitter account. Pick the most painful problem to grab the attention of the right audience.

Think about the biggest problem your target audience faces. Is it rising prices, is it about long distances? Whatever the case is can be transferred into your first tweet idea.

This is an easy way to communicate with the audience by their needs before they come up to you. If you find it difficult to understand user pain points look at your FAQ page. Repurpose your answers in a Twitter-friendly content style.

Make sure to maintain your brand reputation while delivering the answer.

4. Post a photo 

If you find it difficult to write the first tweet for a business, consider using a photo. You may just drop a photo and leave the caption to the audience. This is another state of creativity in itself.

Choose a photo that tells a lot on behalf of your business. Add your logo and branding elements to keep users in your brand loop.

But if you are not well-known in the industry, going out without words can affect the post engagement.

5. Tweet one word

You might agree that writing meaningful content with a short number of words is much different than with a large number of words.

Very often I find myself stumbling over certain words trying to write a purposeful post. Using that core code instead of a full sentence might work better. 
Choose a word that is related to your service, business or explains your work culture, mission. An adjective can be good to explain the state of feeling your brand shares. Such as hunger, growth hacking, motivation, excitement, upgrade, and more.

6. Content related to your service

Just like other platforms, you can repurpose your ready content for Twitter. Whether it is a blog post, case study, or a white paper, it can be pushed for Twitter to fill your feed and also linked back to the original content.

The best thing is large content can be re-used as multiple first tweets for businesses. You can plan follow-up tweets for evergreen content or the work that is performing well.

You can extract statistics or a power line from the content and make a hot tweet. It can be daunting to tweet every single post from your website. Social media scheduling tools can help you to streamline this process.

FS Poster social media scheduler automates the social media scheduling process for WordPress users. Together with Twitter, you can auto-post to 15 social networks, view them in the calendar, and review their performance from the platform.

The plugin also allows you to directly schedule posts that have not been shared on your website. To know more about FS Code check out all features.

7. Embrace your team

Whether this is about your past achievements or introducing your current team, showing real people can drive engagement.

Kodak shouted out to one of their employees for her achievement. Although this was not their first Tweet, Kodak uses Twitter to embrace its workforce.

You can use the same tactic to feature your company owner or a team lead who made the company where you are today.

If you have not reached that state where you can celebrate an achievement with the team then consider to

8. Announce a job opening

Twitter is one of the most used platforms among coders, marketers, and business-minded people. Posting a job as your very first tweet for a business will help to gather like-minded users.

Since you can't include all job descriptions, make sure to provide a link to the application page.

Despite being posted over a decade ago, this tweet is still receiving positive engagement from users.

9. Tweet product tease 

Twitter is one of the best places to spread the buzz about something new. The best thing is it does not have to be big like rebranding or a completely new product. 
If you are just starting a business, having a Twitter account beforehand will help to arouse curiosity among the audience.

If you are already operating in the market, make your product tease as your good first tweet for a business.

When Netflix joined Twitter in 2008, they came up with a joke and tease combined.

netflix tease

10. Show company updates

Same as tease posts, you can incorporate big steps into your first tweets. This can be the release of a new product, change in the company authority, or seasonal discount.

CEO of GitHub actively engages with the Twitter community on their product updates, team achievements, or industry-related opinions.

11. Post a tip

First tweets for businesses do not have to only concern blog posts. You can still use Twitter to share one-off tips and tricks your audience would love to see.

If you are a software solutions company consider product development tips your community will find useful. Or, if you are an education website you may consider delivering tips on advancements of the effective learning process.

12. Ask a question

Writing good first tweets can also have your community involved. You can ignite the audience’s attention by simply asking them questions. Consider posts like “Hi guys, would you like for me to help you?”,  “How in the era of digital we could avoid Twitter?” or “Are you curious about the first international product marketing? You got the idea.

Or a better option can be conducting polls. They are quick and easy to grab attention and garner engagement on any platform.

You can ask about:

what to tweet about for a business
ask for feedback
discover product preferences

13. Use famous hashtags

We marketers die for fun and engaging conversations. The fastest way to fire a conversation on Twitter is using hashtags. Thankfully, there are dozens of hashtags you can join and make your post shine amongst.

#marketingMonday tips would help to organically diffuse amongst the marketing community. 
#techTueasday to introduce your product or tool that you enjoy using for a while.

#wachyWednesday to show your irregular, crazy part of your workflow.

#Tbt or #throwbackThursday to bring the day you made it or your company started.

#FridayFun to show how your team enjoys the end of the workweek.

#SaturdayShoutout to one of your employees, users, founders, anyone that deserves to be featured.

#StartupSunday. Do startups even have Sunday?! 🤷🏽‍♀️😬

So how to find first tweet hashtag?

If you want to find the first tweet with a given hashtag, there are a few easy ways to do it. One way is to use a free online tool like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Another way is to search for the hashtag on Twitter itself. If you're not sure how to do this, don't worry! We will show you how to do it.

There are a few benefits of tracking your brand's first tweet with a hashtag:

  • It can help you measure the reach of your brand on Twitter.
  • It can give you insights into how people are using your hashtag.
  • It can help you track the success of your hashtag over time.

15. Quote an influential person

Does not always have to be about you. You can start with a very powerful message that can be transferred to what you are doing. It can be either someone in your industry or a thought leader. Make sure that the original quote has the same tone you want for your account.

Look at how Nike entered Twitter.

16. Show a sense of humor

Just because you are a business does not mean all your tweets should be in a business language. Social media has enough space for fun, informative, and promotional content.

People love to see the human sides of brands, and in fact, those posts generate more impressions and engagement than others. Do not hesitate to throw memes and funny GIFs to your social media content calendar.

BMW always gives a place for subtle humor in their traditional and digital advertisements. And their first tweet is as good as the previous ones.

good first tweets for businesses bmw first tweet

17. Hold a contest

Striking up with a contest can boost engagement from the first try. Creative Twitter contest giveaway ideas:

Product launch giveaway
Join a newsletter giveaway
User experience contest 
Twitter caption giveaway
Tell us why content 
A day with us content

18. Use holidays or events

If you have waited for such a long time, maybe you can postpone your first tweets for a business to more special days like events or holidays.

Holidays are a great way to fill Twitter feeds. You can post thoughtful expressions, wishes, or gratitude on holidays.

Also, keep track of upcoming events in the corner and turn them to your advantage. Are you featured in the national tech meetup, or will you join the next data boot camp in February? Well then, prepare an excellent post to drive people to those events.

Bad Twitter practices

Are you wondering what is the bad Twitter practices? Here are they:

Being completely inactive and avoiding any interaction with the followers 

Businesses frequently extend invitations to site visitors and other individuals to follow them on various social media platforms, including Twitter. When this occurs, followers have come to expect various forms of social communication, including conversations and replies to their questions. It is not a good time to be irresponsible in this area; instead, demonstrate some social responsibility by replying to followers who you have invited in the first place to follow you.

Promotion of oneself on an ongoing basis

Although promoting yourself on Twitter can be useful in some situations, it is not the primary platform's primary use. Instead, the primary uses for Twitter include:

  • Being social.
  • Engaging with other customers.
  • Participating in the most recent trends.
  • Demonstrating that you are an expert in your field.

When you constantly promote yourself, you destroy the trust-building process that should take place over time. Consumers will finally be compelled to want to do business with you if you actively engage with potential customers and work to create trust with them over time. How an entrepreneur's followers view them is an essential factor in the sales process, and they have to bear this in mind as they run their companies.

Avoiding negative posts on social media

There is no way to predict when someone will write a critical review of your company online and post it for the world to see. The problem with unfavorable remarks is that it's impossible to tell whether or not they're accurate. If you do not address them, you may be either admitting culpability or not concerned about the situation. In contrast, replying to such unfavorable remarks gives you the opportunity to offer an explanation about what occurred, which also adds clarity to the situation. Tell you what happened from our point of view, and if the criticism is accurate, try to shed some light on the matter by offering further information.

Be wary that occasionally unfavorable remarks are written as a consequence of a dissatisfied client or follower. This is yet another important consideration for negative feedback. You may rest assured that your other customers, future customers, or followers will be watching to see how you respond to this issue. Your response will significantly influence your other followers who are witnessing the event.

When you react, it allows your followers to consider all sides of the story and arrive at their own conclusions. As a consequence, you will (hopefully) be able to keep both your excellent reputation and your dedicated followers throughout the process.

Buying and selling followers

The significance of accumulating and preserving a following of thousands of customers is not lost on many business owners. Some people even go so far as to buy followers, which is one of the worst things that can be done on Twitter and is considered one of the worst practices. When something like this occurs, owners of businesses run the danger of being exposed, which may lead to a significant drop in the number of followers they have.

This also results in a change of perspective, in which the followers of a firm tend to view the business as an organization that engages in dubious business activities in general. It is in the best interest of company owners to gain their followers in a natural way, connect with them, form relationships, and gradually develop volume.

Removing a comment rather than engaging in conversation with customers

Many people who run businesses would much sooner erase a bad remark in order to avoid an argument with a customer than tackle the issue straight on. However, despite the fact that this frequently leads to comments being removed, it is not a recommended practice on Twitter. As was said before, deleting comments is frequently seen as an admission of guilt. However, addressing it enables the proprietor of the company to voice any worries they may have or win any battles they may be waging against the circumstance.

Excessive usage of hashtags

The usage of hashtags is a wonderful method to interact with other people, join in on a debate that is popular at the time, and either follow trends or make new ones. When used excessively, the hashtag (#) has the potential to steal the focus of your followers away from any calls to action that may be included in the post. It's possible that using hashtags can help you establish trends, but you should try to limit yourself to using them no more than twice in a single tweet.

Engaging in a dialogue regarding strong political viewpoints

Everyone here has their unique political perspective on the wide range of topics discussed here. However, it is vital to remember that the people who follow you might not share your ideas. Strong political statements might cause a person to lose some of their following or potential clients if they are taken seriously. Strongly opinionated comments have the potential to provoke negative reactions from a variety of market sectors.

You only tweet when you want something, and nothing else

When running a company, business owners should take care to tweet in a manner that is consistent and should avoid tweeting just when they have a pressing need for something. This irritates those who follow the leader. In this particular domain, there ought to be some equilibrium. In addition, it is imperative that one engages in conversation and builds connections prior to making any requests.

Time to tweet

Twitter can open doors to a larger community of experts, customers, and thought leaders by whom you can get influenced.

As you see, there goes a lot to writing good first tweets for a business. What you write in your first tweets generates first impressions on your brand and account. So, be sure of what you are saying and how you are saying it on Twitter.

No matter what type of business you run, there are certain concepts that you should include in your first tweets. And some concepts that you should always shy away from. In this blog, we looked at the first case.

So, what are you going to write on your first tweet for a business?

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