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What are Custom Post Types?

Custom Post Types are the specific type of post types that can be added to your WordPress website.

They are also known as Custom Content Types.

By default, WordPress provides you with a handful of built-in Custom Post types, which are all stored in the database under the wp_posts table.

The default post types that are always included within a WordPress installation are:

  1. Posts;
  2. Pages;
  3. Attachments;
  4. Revisions;
  5. Navigation-Menus;
  6. Custom CSS;
  7. Changesets.

Many WordPress plugins use custom post types to store data on your WordPress website.

For example, when you install a Woo Commerce plugin, the plugin creates a product custom post type on your website;

FS Poster And Custom Post Types.

FS Poster supports all custom post types so that you can share all those custom post types on your Social Network accounts.

Adding custom post types to the plugin is very simple.

The screenshot shows how easy it is to add a custom post type to the plugin.

Adding custom post types to the plugin.

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