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What Is Auto-Posting, And Why Do We Need It?

Auto-post is a way to post your content to your social media accounts automatically.

Creating a new post is not a big thing. However, sharing the new post to all your social network accounts is time-consuming and boring.

Most businesses have hundreds of accounts, pages, groups, etc., to be engaged with their readers and customers.

So, authors usually create a blog post and then start to share the post on their social media accounts, or they pay someone to do it for them. Very costly, isn't it?

That is the reason we need automation, which will allow us to share our posts on those accounts without paying monthly fees and spending any of our valuable time.

Fortunately, FS Poster can work for you forever without getting monthly fees, and it only requires a few hours of your time for initial configuration.

How Does FS Poster Auto-post?

Sharing your posts using FS Poster is extremely simple.

After installing and configuring the plugin on your website and adding your accounts to the plugin, you just need to publish your WordPress post.

The plugin will do the rest for you.

How to Auto-post to Social Networks from WordPress Using FS Poster

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