How You Can Customize Your Post Messages Using FS Poster Plugin


When we share posts on Social Network accounts, we sometimes want to share some information about our posts, not the entire post.

The plugin has built-in ready keywords that allow you to share either the most important information about your post or the entire post.

You can see and use the ready keywords in the settings tab of the plugin.

Each Social Network has its own settings and custom messages.

The example custom message in the screenshot shows you how you can share the title, excerpt, and the sale price of the product.

The container is an HTML textarea. You can also add some text and hashtags besides the ready keywords.

Some Social Networks like Medium supports HTML tags; therefore, you can add HTML tags to the custom messages as well.


Wordpress Auto Poster Plugin with Custom Messages Feature


The schedule module has the custom message tab as well, where you can add your custom messages for your schedules.



Wordpress Auto Poster Plugin with Custom Messages Feature


If you want to add a custom message for each post individually, you can add the custom message when you publish your post.