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What are Instagram Carousel posts and Why Do You Need them? 

Carousels on Instagram are posts that feature more than one photo or video, and users may see them by swiping left on a post while using the Instagram mobile app on their phones. When using a computer, visitors may see a carousel post by clicking on the arrow button located to the right of each post. Imagine it as a slideshow of posts that people may individually manage from their accounts.

Carousels are an excellent way to expand your visibility on Instagram since they encourage more interaction and length of time spent on a post simply due to the fact that there is more content to take in. In addition to this, it is very uncommon for carousel posts to show up many times in the feed, each time displaying a different slide from the collection.

carousel scheduling feature

How does FS Poster Instagram carousel scheduling help you in your social media marketing process?

FS Poster will let you schedule your Instagram carousel posts in the plugin. In this way, you can transfer time-consuming tasks to FS Poster and focus on the creative part of the job.

Please select the option in the settings to share all post images. And when your WordPress posts have many images inside the post, all images will be shared.

 Instagram carousel

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