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Top 10 Social Media Icons Widget Plugins for WordPress

Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh Author
Top 10 Social Media Icons Widget Plugins for WordPress
Plugin for WordPress Dec 13, 2021

Best social media icons widget plugins for WordPress offer an easy way to follow your social media accounts within a few clicks.  If you are confused about how they work and how to use them on your site this post will help you.

What is a social links widget WordPress plugin? 

Social media icons widget WordPress plugins comfort you in increasing the numbers of your social media followers. Placing social media icons on your website is the easiest way to connect your website users with your social media profiles.

These plugins serve as SEO plugins which ultimately help you trigger users to engage with your website. Installing a social links widget WordPress plugin into your website also increases your site engagement through social networking.

Social sharing plugins vs social media icon widget plugins

The difference between social sharing plugins and social media icon widgets WordPress plugins is that the first one is to share website content on social media platforms. Social media icons widget WordPress plugins have a wider application area. Social media icons provide links to your social media profiles. When clicking on the links, users can land on your social media pages, engage with your content, and also follow your pages.

The primary purpose of social sharing plugins is to promote your website content on social media. While the primary purpose of the social links widget is to promote your social page to website users.

If you look for a social sharing plugin, consider FS Poster. As a social media scheduler, FS Poster contains social sharing features alongside scheduling. You can auto-post to 15 platforms or share individual posts from WordPress. There is no limit on the number of scheduled posts or the accounts you choose.

The plugin lets you have your content posted on time and platform you determined once. Using such software helps to enrich your feed, increase your website traffic, and get more work done in less time. Check out the link to know more about its features.

Best social media icons widget plugins for WordPress 

Since it is a time-consuming process to find and select the right plugin, we have cherrypicked the list of best social media icons widget plugins for WordPress in the market.

1. Social Icons Widget & Block

social icons widget & block

The plugin supports over 100 sites and social networks. It comes with 5 different icon sets and 400+ custom icons. Apart from social networks, it supports other digital platforms like Mailchimp, GitHub, RSS, Podcasts.

It allows you to search icons by keywords or get icon set integration. Drag and drop icons can be used in any place on your website.

The Premium version includes options to change icon alignment, roundness, or padding. It has a Global Color Picker to the color of all icons, add a new color picker to change hover color on all icons.

For security matters, it is a 100% GDPR compliant social links widget WordPress plugin. It does not collect any information about website visitors.

You either download its free version or purchase it at $49 for a single website.

2. Social Media Icons WordPress – Social Icons Plugin

 social media icons wordpress plugin

Developed by Elfsight, WordPress Social Icons plugins is one of the easy-to-use best social media icons widget plugins for WordPress to connect your site with social networks. It offers lots of customization options and layouts to design icons on your website. Social links widget WordPress plugin lets you change the size, shape, style, and color combination of icons.

You can select the right platforms from the list of 50 plus predefined platforms.

There are several ways to add widgets to your website. You can either use WordPress shorts, add a native WordPress widget, or utilize Visual Composer to drag and drop widgets to your website. You can either place the widget on the header or the footer section of the website.

WordPress Social Icons plugin is sold through Envato Market. You can pay $24 including future updates.

3. Social icons

social icons social media icons widget wordpress plugins

Social Icons provides you with more than 100 icons to select from. Advanced customization of widgets places it above other social media icons widget WordPress plugins. You can display icons using widgets or shortcodes. Plus, you can drag icons on the website sidebar in addition to header and footer sections.

Even, the plugin lets you add icons to your blogs, pages, or anywhere you want them. Multiple background styles and grayscale colors are additional icon styling options.

Also, the size of icons and padding can be adjusted. It has an easy set of icon widgets. The plugin lets you define whether to open a link in a new tab or the existing one. If you want you can add a short description above social media icons. You can download the plugin for free.

4. Social Media Icons - Social Icons Widget

social media icons plugin

Social Media Icons is a responsive social links widget WordPress plugin for displaying icons on your website. It lets you add icons by using font awesome icons. Plus to regular social media platforms, supports other platforms like Vimeo, RSS Feed, Stack Overflow. Flickr, QQ.

You can adjust icon size, styles, configure responsiveness, rotate effects, animate icons.  Transforming effects set the plugin aside from most social media icons widget WordPress plugins. This includes color customization for icon sets, background colors, icons on hover, or icons on transform. By using this feature, you can create dynamic and clickable social icons.

Custom CSS field allows you to adjust settings on social media icons. You can either use its free version or opt for the premium version. The pro plan costs $5 for 30 social media profiles with a lifetime value.

5. WP Socializer

wp socializer

If you look for a simple and fast social links widget WordPress plugin, take a look at WP Socializer. The responsive plugin ensures that icons on your website will adapt to all screen sizes. It supports over 50 social networks including Weibo, Dribble Etsy, Discord, LinkedIn. It also lets you share the follower count for Facebook and Pinterest.

By comprising social sharing and social media icons widget features it claims to be in the list of best social media icons widget plugins for WordPress. You can display the share and follow me buttons anywhere on the website. The floating icon bar allows you to stick widgets to content, window, or scroll.

You can change icon color, background, adjust alignment, add custom, or hover text. Customizable social icons come with lots of design options like 2 layout options, 4 icon sizes, 7 icon shapes, and 7 hover effects.

It gives you authority to decide to show\hide icons on which devices. You can also decide on pages, post types to display icons. The plugin uses Gutenberg editor and supports WooCommerce posts.

All the mentioned features are included in its free plan. But to get social sharing features you can pay $19 for a single website.

6. AccessPress Social Icons

access press

AccessPress is yet another user-friendly best social media icons widget plugin for WordPress that you can use to connect your social accounts with your website. You can either select from 12 icon sets or upload your own variants.

It lets you customize icon designs such as their sizes, set margins, tooltip, effects, even their display type (horizontal or vertical). Once icons are defined you can place them on your website using shortcodes. You can have it on the header, footer, or anywhere on the content.

Having more than one icon set is a distinct feature of this social media links widget WordPress plugin than others. You can have large size icon sets and put them in more visible places on the website and keep the smaller ones for less seeming fields.

You can either get it free or pay $15 for upgradable features.

7. Sassy Social Share

sassy social share

Sassy Social Share is a powerful plugin to grow your social followers and also expand the reach of your content. It contains both social sharing and social media icons widget plugins features.

It is a highly customizable plugin where you can decide the shape, icon size, specify their background color and logo color, and set them to standard or floating.

Social sharing features include URL customization, sharing count enabling, official-like buttons. You can use either shortcodes or widgets to place icons.

It is a completely free social media icons widget WordPress plugin you can get to connect your website visitors to your social accounts.

8. Simple Social Buttons

simple social buttons

Simple Social Buttons is a customizable plugin you can use to grow social followings. It comes with seven sets of icons designs. You can put buttons on six different locations like sidebar, above and below content, fly-in, popup, on images and videos.

Icons can be also added to different pages like static pages, front pages, post categories, post archives, and tag archives.

You can customize icons colors to match your website theme. The plugin lets you hide or show icons or fly-ins on mobile devices for a better user experience.

The free version gives limited access to features like the placement of icons and pages types. But with a personal account, $27, you can unlock all premium features for a single website. Agencies or developer studios can opt for higher-tier plans.

9. Ultimate Social Buttons


With lots of customizable features, Ultimate Social Buttons allows you to increase your social media followers and grow content outreach.

If you want to display icons in a floating bar you do it via shortcode. Or if you want to place them in your header or after blogs, you can use the widget instead. Also, you can put buttons on pop-ups and decide whether to display them on all pages or on the selected ones.

You can select the design of your icons and add animations to make them more clickable.

The free plan includes all major social platforms and crucial features. But if you want more control on the functioning of the plugin, a premium account will match your needs. It costs $30 for all premium features on a one-time basis.

10. Easy Social Icons

easy social icons

As the name suggests, Easy Social Icons delivers an easy way to add social media widgets to your website. It requires no technical knowledge to install and configure the plugin.

You can upload your own social icons or use font awesome icons, decide icon display type, and their alignment. You can use shortcodes on pages\posts or widgets to put icons in other areas. Additionally, you can use a template tag to insert icons on a PHP file.

Once you upload the icons, you can set the URL for them and adjust the icon order. It comes with Google Social Profile Links. This makes sure that whenever a user searches for your business, your social profile links will be displayed to them.

It is a free plugin you can get by downloading.

Ending notes

Having social media icons widget WordPress plugins on your website will instantly increase your social media followers. Get the simplest way to get in touch with your website users by looking at our list of best social media icons widget plugins for WordPress. Social media icons enhance user interaction in your website and social media pages creating united and loyal followers.

This list was made to help you find the right fit plugin. We highly recommend you identify your priorities, make comparisons over similar plugins before making the final decision.

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