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Best keyword research tool for Youtube in 2021 | Youtube SEO

Best keyword research tool for Youtube in 2021 | Youtube SEO
Social Networks Aug 14, 2021

There are plenty of ways the best keyword research tool for YouTube can help you to optimize your videos and bring your videos in front of the target audience. This blog will talk about those tools and how they help you to create high-ranking videos. 

With over 2 billion active users, YouTube is the second most used social platform right behind Facebook. It is a lucrative avenue for bloggers, brands to showcase their expertise, promote their products, and reach a larger audience through visual content. It is social media users’ most favorite social network for branded content. 46% of viewers mentioned they actually made a purchase after seeing a branded video. 

Like Google, Pinterest, YouTube is a search engine requiring separate marketing strategies, thus keyword analysis. And, like Google, it constantly changes its algorithm and policies to bring the best content to viewers and provide the best promotion opportunities for advertisers. 

If you are sitting there to film a video there are things you have to know. Creating must-watch video content is halfway through the road. Unfortunately, the quality of your content does not determine your success, well, at least at the beginning. You need to optimize your videos according to YouTube’s algorithm. 

Forget about making money on YouTube, if you will upload random videos every now and then. YouTube requires dedicated work including idea generation, content creation, presenting it to the followers. 

To increase followings and show up in search results you need to constantly upload new videos. New videos attract subscribers’ attention and give chances to engage with them in real-time. Also, YouTube favors the newly uploaded videos when displaying search results. The timing of your uploads is also important in this case. The first 48, 72 hours of going live are crucial for the further spread of the video. 

Creating content on one hand and waiting for the best time to upload them, on the other hand, can make things complicated. With scheduler software, you can upload your videos and pick the right to post videos. There are lots of tools for the automation of social media. If you have a website on WordPress, you can easily manage to post your videos with social media auto posters. FS-Poster is social media scheduler plugin integrating with 14 social networks. With FS-Poster, you can schedule an unlimited number of posts and focus on the creative part of your job. Check Demo to see all features. 

Metadata is a big part of SEO optimization. YouTube metadata comprises information that describes the video uploaded to the platform. It includes channel name, video title, description, thumbnail photo, tags, videos duration. Metadata informs viewers, uploaders, YouTube itself on what the video is about. 

The description and title of your video are critical to find your content and get clicks. You need to include certain keywords to accurately describe your content. Furthermore, include add as many tags, and use them to create playlists. 

In other words, you have to find the keywords that people use to search for videos and optimize your content around those keywords to increase the chance of appearing on the top search results. 

How to research keywords for YouTube?

When it comes to finding keywords for YouTube, there are lots of techniques you can pursue depending on your needs. 

YouTube autocomplete

Autocomplete is the list of autosuggest queries of people’s search on YouTube. When you search for a certain topic on YouTube, it suggests the drop-down list of words related to that word. Autocomplete gives the list of most popular keywords that people use to find videos related to your niche, products, or interests.

 youtube auto complete
Apart from keyword suggestions, autocomplete gives you ideas on how to curate video content by listing down the various keywords. The problem here is that because autocomplete mainly suggests the highest-ranking keywords it can be challenging to target those competitive keywords in your title or description and rank higher

If you are new to YouTube or not familiar with marketing tools, YouTube autocomplete can be the best free keyword research tool for YouTube. 

YouTube analytics

How about analyzing your channel traffic for keyword research? YouTube analytics is another best free keyword research tool for YouTube that gives you real results. To get that sign in to YouTube Studio and head over to the Reach tab. It shows the exact keywords that viewers search to land on your videos. 

While analyzing, you will come up with keywords that you did not purposefully target. 

Competitor analysis

If you are curious about which keywords actually work you can look at your competitors’ performance. Consider channels that are your equals on subscriber size and the niche you are in. For precision, filter the most viewed videos. Look at those videos’ titles and descriptions and make a list of them. 

If you want to dig deep into the technical sides of competitors’ keywords, you will need to look at the HTML. 

  • Hit CTRL + U to visit the HTML code
  • CTRL + F and enter “keyword” to the search bar

You will surface the list of all the keywords that you may not detect by looking at the video title. 

This is the best free keyword research tool for YouTube if you want to beat the competitors with their own rules. A drawback of this method is that it does not provide data about keyword difficulty, search volume, or expected clicks for those keywords. These are essential metrics to know before creating a video. They tell you much about what kind of video content to create, which keywords to target for higher rankings. 

Best keyword research tool for YouTube for your needs 

Google and YouTube have distinct user experiences, thus prioritize different types of content or sites for search queries. This is why regular keyword planners do not work for YouTube SEO. We brought the list of best keyword research tools for YouTube that will give accurate results on the keyword search. 

1. Keyword Tool Dominator

 how to research keywrods for youtube ktd

KTD is a multi-purpose keyword generator for a variety of platforms. YouTube keyword researcher integrates with YouTube autocomplete feature to list down the most searched keywords to users. Plus to YouTube’s suggestions, KTD brings the top 10 unique words by a frequency that are related to the keyword.

It also lists down the top 10 keywords suggestions that are popular around the seed keyword. With one time payment of $49.99, you can get an unlimited amount of YouTube keyword search and video ideas to improve your rankings. If you are at the start of YouTube and not sure if you will stay there, it is a decent tool to pick as the best keyword research tool for YouTube. 

2. Keyword Tool

best free keyword research tool for youtube keyword io

Keyword Tool uses YouTube autocomplete feature to grab the most searched keywords. Bringing up to 750 long-tail keywords, it positions itself as the best free keyword research tool for YouTube. It allows localizing the result for 100 countries and 80+ languages that YouTube supports. The best part is you do not need to create an account for the free version. 

With the recommended keywords you can generate ideas for creating videos, include them in tags, hashtags, and use them for YouTube ads. Depending on the type of Premium accounts, they provide two times more keyword suggestions along with their search volumes, CPC, and ads competition data. 

3. Ahrefs 

best keyword reseaarch tool for youtube ahrefs

Being a great SEO optimization tool, Ahrefs has a separate keyword checker for YouTube. With the free version, you can get the list of matching keywords and their search volume based on 229 countries. 

It has different results pages for keyword ideas, newly generated keywords, audience questions. It also provides accurate results for keyword difficulty, clicks, clicks per search, returns rate and also gives options to include or exclude certain words for precision. 

You can purchase the tool starting from $99 and use the YouTube keyword checker as part of your overall SEO. It is the best keyword research tool for YouTube if you want an extensive analysis of keywords and see their estimated performance. 

4. TubeBuddy

best free keywrod research tool for youtube tubebuddy

It is a free browser extension and mobile app that integrates with YouTube to bring data for the highest YouTube rankings. A full-scale YouTube marketing tool offers various solutions including keyword explorer, social media publishers, auto translator, thumbnail generator tools. A keyword checker gives data about the number of videos for the keyword, their search volumes, competitiveness, and optimization strength. 

To enable the extension, you have to connect your YouTube account. With the free account, you can access the limited features including 25 keyword searches and 3 results per day. To get advanced features like A\B tester, search ranking, publish to Facebook, you need to pay $15.20 per month. 

Overall, the tool is perfect if YouTube is your number one platform where you can optimize your content with extra features. 

5. vidIQ

best keyword researrch tool for yourtube vidIQ

vidIQ is another dedicated YouTube tool with a set of video optimization solutions. Keyword checker itself comes with different types of tools that show what the audience is looking for, which keywords competitors,  help to create better content with the results. Users can research keywords on Youtube, see the average and highest views per keyword, their search volume, and competition score, number of subscribers for each keyword. 

The keyword inspector tool analyzes the root keyword, brings the relevant videos, and identifies whether the keywords seem promising or not. With so-called inline keywords, you can automatically view the competitor tags and copy the appropriate ones for you. It also comes with a keyword planner and translator that helps to create the best content and reach larger audiences. 

To use keyword research, you have to purchase at least a Pro account, for $7.50 per month. If you are investing in YouTube to grow your business, it can be the best keyword research tool for YouTube. 

Wrap up

Optimization of YouTube videos starts before uploading the video to the platform. You need to prepare the list of keywords, make the titles, and description ready, and then make the video.  
It is inevitable to look for the best keyword research tool for YouTube if you want to rank high on search results. Take our recommendations into account and pick the best tool that is most compatible with your needs. Good luck!

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