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Best Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Saritel Abbaszade
Saritel Abbaszade Author
Best Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel
Social Networks May 01, 2021 Updated at: Jan 18, 2023

There's no doubt that video marketing has been increasingly common and available for businesses in recent years. Although famous platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even your website are fantastic ways to invest, YouTube remains the market leader. Individuals spend a billion hours per day on the network viewing content. YouTube, dubbed the world's "second biggest search engine," will help the videos be discovered quickly and deeply interacted with if you know a few tricks. Here are 10 ways to grow your YouTube channel:

Commit to posting on YouTube at least once a week

According to recent studies, YouTube channels that upload more than once a week do significantly better and get substantially more suggested views.

Try to post a video to YouTube three or more days per week if you're just getting started and trying to create an audience. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule of several posts each week will quickly boost your channel's ranking in the algorithm.

Creating a large amount of content on related subjects at the start would help the channel do well in the algorithm and build a catalog of content that will guide viewers from one video to the next, increasing your viewing time and giving them the incentive to subscribe.

grow your YouTube channel

Create a workflow for video production that will last

You may be making Oscar-worthy short films and videos, but if each one takes six months to complete, your YouTube channel isn't going to expand. People come back for more because there are regular video uploads at predictable times.

Choose material that you can produce and build daily for any videos you choose to make and find ways to streamline the production process, whether it's by setting up a workshop, developing an editing prototype, or recruiting assistants or a production team. Continue to fine-tune the topics and production workflow until you have a well-oiled system on your hands.

Start each video with a captivating hook

It is up to you and your material to hook audiences. Present the final product first if a video features a project of some sort. A spectacular outcome piques people's curiosity in learning how you got there. This method works well in DIY and makeover episodes.

Another way to pique viewers' attention is to tell a story. People are born with a need to tell tales. People would naturally want to hang around to see what happens if you launch your video with a plot. Furthermore, personal experiences endear the host to the audience and serve as a valuable transition to more complex concepts.

It would be best if you held titles and opening credits short

The average person's attention span is just a few seconds. People may lose interest in a video if it starts with a long title or credit sequence. People don't want to repeat the same long series repeatedly, so a long opener discourages binge-viewing.

Make the opening title and credits brief and snappy instead. Make the opener last for more than 5 seconds.

Add end screens to your videos, channel, or website to promote them

End screens are interactive graphics that direct viewers to a different video, playlist, channel, or web page or encourage them to subscribe to your channel. You can only include end screens in the last 20 seconds of the film, as the feature name says, so you'll need to consider where they'll start.

grow your YouTube channel

One choice is to frame your video's topic in such a way that end screens are available. Talking over the end screen will keep the viewer's attention.
Alternatively, you should install a slate with an icon or logo where the end screens will be placed. If you don't want the end screen to mess with your content, choose this choice.

Create thumbnails that YouTube users want to click on your video

Thumbnails, more than any other aspect, have the power to make or break your YouTube career. What is the reason for this? Suggested videos.

On YouTube, suggested videos are the most popular source of organic traffic. When someone watches a video on YouTube, the video thumbnail has to stand out when it's in the correct sidebar as a recommended video. When your video is recommended, YouTube is essentially promoting it by implying that anyone watching another video might enjoy yours as well.

Make the thumbnail appropriate to the title and content of the video. A video that has nothing to do with the thumbnail is the fastest way to get viewers to click away. The audience feels tricked. You'll not only alienate the viewers, but you'll also have insufficient watch time, which is the most critical factor for the YouTube algorithm.

With your thumbnails, try to say a plot. Show a picture that sets the scene or teases it. Let the audience be curious about what will come next or what has happened before.

grow your YouTube channel

Many people use YouTube's recommended video thumbnail size of 1280 x 720 pixels. The photographs are beautiful, but no one on YouTube ever sees a thumbnail that size.

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To increase the amount of time people spend watching videos, make them longer

Make your actual video content as long as it makes sense for your subject, even if you want to keep your credits short. Given the notoriously low attention times online, making long videos seems paradoxical. Shorter videos were deemed to be better. On the other hand, longer videos equal more watch time, which increases the content in the algorithm.

Finally, the ideal video length is only long enough to convey all of the detail without being too long. You will lose fans if you make a video longer simply for the sake of making it longer. However, you should plan your video material with longer videos in mind. In general, videos that are between 7 and 15 minutes long perform better.

Try going live to grow your YouTube channel

Live-streaming is an intelligent way to get a lot of material out without putting in a lot of effort. While live-streaming has a steep learning curve, it is the simplest way to produce video content once you've mastered the format.

In all social media sites, live streaming is widely accepted. Since you can speak directly with your viewers in this video style, it offers outstanding interaction opportunities. Long watch times are also a feature of live video.

To begin broadcasting live footage, you can use your smartphone or a webcam. And comparatively inexpensive webcams will provide high-quality footage.

Team up with other YouTubers

Collaborations are videos created by other content providers and are among the most effective ways to grow your YouTube following. Acting with another content producer, whether you're a brand or a YouTuber (or both! ), will open your channel to viewers who may not have heard of you otherwise.

People are influenced by social evidence in a big way. When one content developer collaborates with another, their viewer sees it as a recommendation. It can only take a viewer a few seconds to try out your channel, and if they like what they know, you've gained a new subscriber.

People often forget the fact that YouTube is, first and foremost, a social media platform. And through collaborating and cross-promoting, some of the most well-known developers became well-known. When you see a platform gaining more exposure or expanding faster than yours, it's tempting to let your competitive side take over. Instead, continue to see their success as a chance for you to develop alongside them.

Ask your fans who else they love watching and search for names and shared videos in the comments if you want collaborators with familiar audiences but different material.

Collaborations don't have to be exclusive to two people. For animations, different producers may collaborate to gain exposure to various viewers.

The bigger your platform gets and the more partnerships you create, the more chances you'll have for multi-creator collaborations. Many of the more popular YouTube channels do this regularly simply because these other producers become friends with them and hang out with them in real life.

Create a series of videos

Binge-watching is a great way to extend the viewing time. Finally, you want to give your fans a “lean back” feeling when they move from one video to the next. One of the great ways to do this is with series playlists, an underutilized option on YouTube. You'll need a sequence to use them, however.

You may create a series focused on well-performing material. Indeed, several favorite YouTube channels have several episodes, each with its unique subject emphasis and thumbnail picture type.

You can build a series playlist when you share videos of your series. When you use a sequence playlist, YouTube can add the next video in the playlist to the Up Next segment at the top of the suggestions automatically. If autoplay is activated on a viewer's computer, the videos in your series playlist will play one after the other.

SEO optimize your videos

Similar to traditional SEO, optimizing your content for YouTube search mostly entails employing your target keyword in appropriate locations so that YouTube can better identify whether or not the content is relevant to user search queries.

The following are the three primary applications for your keyword research:


The search rankings of your video can be significantly improved by including your target keyword in the title of the video. However, there is no need for you to utilize the exact match term.

Instead, you should choose an attention-grabbing title that in some way incorporates your keyword.

The length of titles on YouTube should be at least 70 characters long. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that your keyword is included in the title, you need also ensure that the title is appealing and that it piques the reader's attention.


There is no causal connection between the utilization of keywords in the video description and search engine rankings. Instead, you should make it your mission in the description of your video to get them to click on it.


YouTube is able to get a general idea of the subject matter of your videos thanks to video tags. Although incorporating relevant keywords as video tags won't completely transform your video's ranks, doing so will assist in improving those rankings.

Optimize your videos for viewing time on YouTube

YouTube wants users to spend more time on its site so that they may take in as much material as they possibly can. Because a person is more likely to view or click on more advertisements the longer they stay on a website. Because of this, the company's search algorithms prioritize videos that have longer watch times. The number of minutes an average user spends watching a video is the watch time.

How do you get more people to view your video for longer?

Make Your Films Longer Instead of making videos that are only 5–6 minutes long, discuss your topic in more depth and strive for videos that are between 15–20 minutes long.

Get Rid of the Long Introductions: Nobody has time for drawn-out introductions that are dull and formal. Give the viewers what they want as soon as possible if you want them to continue watching what you have to show.

Follow a video script to eliminate superfluous "hmms and aaas" by pressing "clip the fluff" on your keyboard.

Do not be monotonous: If you keep talking to someone in the same frame over and over again, they will become bored very soon. Therefore, to make your videos more entertaining, try moving around, switching displays and backdrops, providing examples, asking questions, and keeping a high level of excitement in your voice throughout the whole thing.

Use YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts have made it possible for more people to create their own videos than ever before. Creatives now have the ability to publish vertical films that are less than sixty seconds long as opposed to posting lengthy and extensive material.

This new function on YouTube is still in its testing phase. In any case, the beta version of Shorts is already assisting content producers in gaining millions of views. These views originate from a display area known as the Shorts shelf; in some instances, it assists material is going viral in a matter of days rather than weeks.

grow youtube channel

How to use shorts to grow your YouTube channel?

The opportunity for exposure is the most exciting advantage that Shorts provide. It may be quite easy to rapidly get in front of a huge audience, similar to how TikTok does it, which is great for targeting viewers who have shorter attention spans.

Even more exciting is the fact that non-subscribers will be able to access your material, so creating a new potential audience for you! Additionally, YouTube has adjusted it such that the subscriber box is always displayed when you publish a Short, which makes it simple for viewers to subscribe to your channel if they enjoy what they watch.

Naturally, just as with ordinary videos, you'll need to provide value to anyone who is watching your Shorts in whatsoever format they take. On the other hand, there are several strategies that may be utilized by you in order to get a head start:

Maintain a Very Snappy Tone - If you're accustomed to posting frequent long-form videos on YouTube, you're probably used to grabbing viewers with an introduction that lasts anywhere from 20 to 60 seconds. You won't have the luxury of doing that; therefore, you need to make sure that the initial few seconds of your video are interesting and attract the attention of the viewers.

Add value to whatever you do; don't just make things for the sake of making things. Instead, you should focus on providing value to your audience through your Shorts and ensuring that the material is aligned with a goal, such as growing your subscriber base by an additional 250 people.

Utilize Replays Since shorts are played on a continuous loop, you need to give great consideration to how your material will come across if it is repeatedly shown.

It is important to be familiar with the format of YouTube Shorts because these films are not intended to be condensed copies of lengthier recordings. The material you provide for your viewers should be simple and easy to consume.


You must create YouTube content with your audience and the algorithm in mind to grow your YouTube channel. Make sure your thumbnails catch the attention of audiences and deliver on what you've promised. Start your videos with a good hook and keep the material interesting by editing it. Overall, you want to create an atmosphere that would entice audiences to continue viewing.

Fortunately, increasing the number of clicks and keeping audiences engaged increases the exposure of your videos and, as a result, your website, thanks to the YouTube algorithm. Engaging content that gets viewers to press and results in a long watch period and session length will help the videos get more views on YouTube.

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