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Effective Social Media Marketing Plan: What’s The Best for Organizing Your Marketing

Saritel Abbaszade
Saritel Abbaszade Author
Effective Social Media Marketing Plan: What’s The Best for Organizing Your Marketing
Plugin for WordPress Feb 01, 2021

The most critical aspect of consistency is social media marketing planning and scheduling your social media posts. It is necessary to share your posts at some point because of social media algorithms. Social media updates need to be organized and scheduled before posting them not to waste too much time.

There are different peak hours for any social network. Your consumers can be busy during the night. But you have to schedule your social media updates to share around their prime time. There are many resources for planning your posts for social media. But you'll need a select plugin if you have a WordPress website and you want to post your blogs directly from WordPress without entering your social media accounts.

FS Poster is a plugin for WordPress that has a scheduling feature. It is simple to use this plugin. Only install the plugin and start scheduling your social media posts. Here is the demo version of the FS Poster for everyone.

There are just things to do before scheduling effective social media posts. Here are they:

  • Research to understand what the clients want

We would not be wrong if we say that understanding the clients is the most essential thing in marketing. Any owner of a company needs to know what his customers want. Try to empathize with and understand your consumers. You will be successful in your business after this method. Learn what your consumers want and prepare content before preparing a social media marketing strategy.

  • Competitor Analysis

Research your competitor's work. Learn about their plan, check their website and accounts on social media. Analyze the posts they posted to consider what kind of content worked for their clients or did not work. Then you can improve and use the unsuccessful content. This approach will allow you to know your customers better.

  • Decide how often you are going to share your posts

In social media marketing planning, this is a very critical factor. There needs to be consistency in social media because of algorithms. That's why you have an analysis of your competitors. Consistency and engagement in your competitor's account would help you know how often to publish. Every day, you don't have to share posts. But it would be best if you planned a consistent timetable.

  • Deciding when you're going to post

There is a specific peak time for posting to a social network. Your clients will be active at peak time and will see your posts. These days and hours must be known by every company owner who uses social media for promotions to reach more consumers.

You can schedule them from the FS Poster plugin after choosing when you will publish and plan blogs. The inside of this plugin has more functionality.

  • Check your current social media accounts

Check the current accounts before publishing on social media. Know how many profiles you have, when you last updated in each store, which social media account would be sufficient to share content. Check reports about accounts as well. Know that if the engagement is affected by publishing time.

In FS Poster, you will be able to share your post on 12 social media accounts and WordPress-related websites without entering your accounts. So, you're not going to spend a lot of time posting your blogs.

  • Decide your strategy

Your social media marketing planning is enormously critical for your company, and on the first try, you can't presume you'll get it exactly right. You will discover that some methods do not perform as well as you expected. In contrast, others work much better than expected, as you continue to execute your strategy and monitor your outcomes.

You will need a WordPress plugin to share your WordPress blog posts through your social media accounts after completing all these steps. There are different kinds of plugins for this process. But we're going to talk about Poster FS. We'll show you how your social media marketing planning can be made very simple by FS Poster. We will start if you are ready:

1. Enables your post to be shared through 15 social networks

As we said above, you can publish and schedule your posts through 15 social networks in WordPress plugin because of this feature. And you're going to get more time with the creative side of the job.

effective social media marketing plan

2. FS Poster has a posting interval

FS Poster has a posting interval feature. What is this feature doing? With this feature, you can control your post frequency. For user experience, the frequency of your posts is significant. Your users will be bored if you share posts too much. But if you post it a couple of times, it's also not good. So, you have to find the right frequency for your social network. The FS Poster will be ready for scheduling after finding this frequency.

Posting Interval wordpress social sharing plugin

3. FS Poster has a panel of direct shares

FS Poster has a direct share panel. How does it work? It means you don't have to write blogs on your WordPress website for sharing content on your social media pages. You can plan posts directly and share them in your profiles in this plugin.

auto post to social media

4. URL Shortener

We sometimes have to shorten the URLs to use them. You don't have to look for a URL shortener website with this feature. You can do this process with the FS Poster plugin without wasting time.

customizable URL shorteners

5. You will be able to write an individual message to all social media posts

People wait for different messages from you on various channels. You have to write separate notes for each social media site after knowing your customers well. This step will strengthen your commitment. With this feature you can write an individual message to all social media posts.

individual message to all social media posts

6. FS Poster has a calendar view

In the calendar view, you will see your planned posts.

Calendar view social media

7. The WordPress FS Poster plugin supports Emoji

Emojis are critical for posts on social media. Not all emojis support plugins. The FS Poster has this capability. It would be best to use emojis when adding unique messages to your entries.

emoji support wordpress auto poster

8. You will be able to track link clicks

You'll see how many views each social media post has after sharing your post. That's how you can understand which form of command in each social media network is useful. This method will allow you to realize what your buyers want to see from you.

effective social media plan

9. FS Poster has proxy support

You may have a lot of social media accounts, pages, groups. If we access all social media from the same IP address, such networks can sometimes block us. Nobody would like to be blocked by social media. We can hide our IP address using the proxy function.

Proxy support wordpress social media plugin

10. Multisite feature

This functionality would let you use the FS Poster plugin with one download process on various websites. You can build multiple websites after downloading the FS Poster and still use our plugin. For each website, you would not have to pay. You can share updates to your social media pages from multiple websites.

unlimited social media accounts


The ultimate social media marketing planning of successful content on social media is not easy. Detailed research is necessary for someone who wants to start promoting their product on social media. You should follow the tasks we write above after making assumptions about the strategy.

For your company website, you will need to find the best plugin. We assume that the best plugin for you is the FS Poster.

Find us on social media networks and wait for our new projects.

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