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Top 15 WordPress Directory Plugins to use in 2023

Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh Author
Top 15 WordPress Directory Plugins to use in 2023
Plugin for WordPress Feb 18, 2022 Updated at: Dec 26, 2022

WordPress business directory helps businesses to connect with customers and other businesses without creating a listing website from scratch.

What is a directory website?

Directory websites like Yelp or Google Marketplace match users’ search requests with the available products or service providers in their area. Business directories work for pretty much every type of business since they can be created based on organizational or individual levels. They usually provide pictures, location information, and merchant contact details to help users make decisions.

Modern directory websites combine various social platform features to create a user-friendly database. Bookmarking, review, and front-end submission are essential features that resemble Reddit-style websites. In contrast, different post categories and display options make them more of a Pinterest-style website. Due to the location-based search modules, they act like Google Search or Facebook. Lastly, payment collection features turn them into e-commerce websites where owners and merchants can monetize their online visibility.

What to search for in a high-quality WordPress plugin for directories?

A significant portion of choice is determined by the kind of directory launched. Is it so that you may generate money by collecting fees for advertisements to local businesses? Then you’ll want some features for collecting those payments. Is the directory being utilized to expose information about individuals as opposed to corporate entities? You should go for one that has separate sections for your personal and contact information.

On the other hand, the most effective WordPress plugins for directories share a number of characteristics in common. Here’s what you should look for throughout your search:

Options for incorporating new listings and making modifications to existing ones
Tools for the back end for merchants that wish to exchange information about their companies
In the event that you choose to charge for listings, payment-collecting capabilities are available
Systems for rating and reviewing
Media support
Bookmarking tools
A module for location-based searches that includes maps
Options for submitting on the front end
You can add listings to any part of your website using the shortcodes and widgets provided
Form fields that allow for extensive personalization and adjustment of entries.

We compiled a list of

10 WordPress directory plugins you can use now

1. GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory is a powerful plugin for turning any WordPress website into a business directory website. Although this simple business directory plugin is considered for global directory businesses, it can be cut down for certain regions and tailored for the near neighborhood.

geodirectory wordpress directory plugins

Due to the proximity support, the site displays the closets and the most relevant options upon the search of users. Integration with Google Maps enables users to find locations directly from that map instead of leaving the website.

Its front-end submission forms allow website visitors and other businesses to submit their listing forms, helping to expand your site operations. With access to Google Analytics data, merchants on your directory will see how much your site helps their business.

It offers several directory themes that can be utilized together with GeoDirectory,  but if you are happy with your current theme, the plugin will work with any theme. Yet, multi-site compatibility is the star feature that you may not find in other directory plugins for WordPress. This allows you to create a network of directory businesses or use the plugin for various clients.

Although GeoDirectory contains the features of premium WordPress directory plugins, it is a free directory plugin WordPress that you can extend by purchasing several add-ons. Starting at $19, you can add reviews, advanced search, and multi-location support features to the plugin.

2. Sabai Directory  

sabai directory wordpress business directory plugins

Developed for community-driven local businesses, the Sabai Directory plugin WordPress helps businesses to build directory websites like Yelp or Google Place. The 12 shortcode option plugin allows users to customize the listings by setting categories, custom fields, and view filters. Merchants can add or create existing listings; create multiple directories; embed to any page; unlimited hierarchical categories, and share listings. It also has CSV import\exporter that you would look for in WordPress directory plugins.

Users can post reviews with 1-5 star ratings, bookmark their favorite listings; reviews; photos; and add photos to reviews, and comments. With a multicriteria rating system, users can rate a single product on its price, quality, and other options.

With a fully interactive and customizable map, users can get details through hover and click, use draggable areas to refresh search results, and get directions from the map. Combined with advanced search options, autosuggest bookmarked lists, and reviews, it helps communities to fully optimize their site experience.

The site monetization option makes it stand high among WordPress business directory plugins. By integrating with PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and, it allows businesses to make online transactions and receive recurring payments between predetermined periods.

By purchasing at $29 on a one-time basis, you can receive future updates and Sabai directory support.
 If you are looking for affordable yet feature-rich software to enhance your local business, it is one of the best directory plugins for WordPress you can find.

3. Business Directory Plugin

business directory

For non-techies, Business Directory Plugin offers a simple directory website builder for versatile businesses. Unlike regular WordPress business directory plugins, this plugin is suitable for building teams and company directories within its listings.

Customizable form builder allows to sort entries into categories and tags, create featured entries, and CSV import to create listings in bulk. With a drag-and-drop editor, you can upload bulk images, order them, set featured images, resize thumbnails, etc.

It comes with extra widgets to set featured, random, recent lists, and search options. Plus to getting payments, the plugin enables setting recurring payments and fees for each listing. Integrating multiple WordPress SEO plugins, the plugin ensures that your site will reach the target audience.

Although the free version already has the premium features WordPress directory plugins offer, you can purchase add-ons for extra advances. WordPress paid business directory version includes Map integration, discount codes, list claiming, enhanced categories, and ZIP code search that will further facilitate users’ experience.

4. Name Directory

Another simple business directory plugin to create business directories is Name Directory. Being an alternative to business index listings, it creates glossary-style listings where you include names and descriptions for each entry. It works for companies who build a list of employees or create an online glossary for terms.

Name directory wordpress directory plugins

In addition to supporting multiple directories, it gives you multiple options to customize them. Once you create the list, the plugin gives a shortcode to spread listings on multiple places on your website, such as pages, posts, and widget areas. For each listing, it gives you various configuration options where you choose to show or hide the item name, term, submitter name, search bar, and suggestion form. By bringing certain listings to the top of the page, you increase the chance of getting higher views.

And, like many best directory plugins for WordPress, it has a bulk import function if you do not want to add each entry one by one.

About the price. it is a completely free directory script WordPress plugin you can get by downloading.

5. ListingPro

ListingPro directory plugins for wordpress

Although ListingPro is not a plugin in itself, it comprises all of the major advantages the best directory listing plugin for WordPress offer. Its drag-and-drop editor and custom form builder allows you to take full control over what type of information you upload to the directory. You can add a text field and checkboxes and use additional details such as parking available and safe for kids for extra notice.

By entering the UA code given by Google Analytics, you can get analytics reports of each listing on the website. Developed for global businesses, ListingPro integrates with 10 online payment gateways. Using a multi-criteria review builder, you can build a unique set of rating systems for each category. Front-end users can take advantage of advanced search filters like near me to get instant and most effective solutions for their quest.

As a theme, it comes with a booking integration that consultants and service providers can take advantage of. Internal messaging is another extra that you rarely see in directory plugins for WordPress. Business owners can receive and reply to the chatbox directly from the user dashboard.

It is a pricer directory solution costing $69.

6. DirectoryPro

DirectoryPro wordpress directory plugins

DirectoryPro is a premium WordPress business directory plugin that comes with tons of customization options to create the best website experience for users. Integrating with visual composer, it helps website owners easily set and configure directories. For example, it has a pricing table, rating system, and sign-up forms that you can apply for each listing out there.

Plus to the service category, it has advanced filtering options like ZIP code, country, neighborhood, and additional details where users can narrow down their search. Through front-end submission, users can add and claim listings, set their favorite or featured lists, and view their payment history.

By supporting PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce, it allows you to receive payments anytime for any product. It offers various membership options like a free or paid trial, one-time payment or recurring payment, free account, or variable payment package that website owners can decide on.

The booking widget and MailChimp support are exceptional features that make DirectoryPro superior to other WordPress business directory plugins.

When it comes to the price, it charges the amount that the average directory plugins for WordPress offer - $39.

7. Toolset 

Requiring no PHP coding, Toolset is one of the simplest WordPress business directory plugins in the market. It supports different plugins and themes that will help business owners down the road.

Toolset wordpress business directory plugins

Customizable and fast code allows you to build custom post types, custom taxonomy, and even post relationships. It is WPML compatible so that you can easily reach an audience from any group. Using its editor, you can create templates, archive them and decide whether to display them in grid style or list.

Prioritizing customer success, Toolset provides a training course to clients on how to maximize the directory website experience by giving technical and strategy knowledge as well. In terms of customer support, it can be the best business directory plugin WordPress users can get.

Based on the website support, Toolset has three different payment plans. The starter plan offers $61 per year, including support and updates.

8. Formidable Forms

Formidable wordpress direfctory plugins

Formidable Forms allows any business to turn its website into a directory business. Using the drag-and-drop builder and ready templates, you can easily customize the website. Supporting 5 different online payment gateways, it allows business owners to receive payments for their e-commerce products, accept credit card payments, and decide on a one-time or recurring basis.

Users can log in and edit their profiles through front-end registration. They can submit posts and pages and add featured images without seeing the admin panel. You can collect customer feedback and reviews through polls, quizzes, and surveys.

Using integration tools like HubSpot, Active Campaign, and SalesForce, you can control your customer management with WordPress data.

Based on the provided templates and integration channels, this premium WordPress business directory plugin has 4 different payment plans. You can pay $70 for unlimited monthly entries on one site. Due to the variety of integrations and provided facilities, Formidable Forms stands at the top of WordPress business directory plugins.

9. Connections Business Directory

Connections directory plugin for wordpress

Another versatile WordPress plugin to create any type of directory website is Connections Business Directory. Compatibility with all WordPress themes and page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, and Beaver Builder puts it among high-quality directory plugins for WordPress.

Yet, it supports the Gutenberg editor, where you can build directory blocks, carousel books, team blocks, or upcoming list blocks. Plus, it displays entries based on the user behavior having content blocks for recently viewed, nearby and related entries. Through front-end management, website admins can view the details of users, profile modifications, and made entries.

Different from other WordPress directory plugins, it has a unique family entry feature where you can group individual entries into a family.

Connection is a free plugin that can be extended through paid and free add-ons. Free extensions include a toolbar, login support, and additional detailed sections like income, education, and languages level, whereas premium add-ons include CSV import & export, a contact form, and enhanced categories that will lift your directory website experience.

10. LDD Directory Lite

wordpress directory plugins

One of the most adaptable and versatile directory plugins available, LDD Directory Lite, can generate entries for any kind of website. It offers complete personalization options and may be obtained at no cost.

Simply insert a shortcode into a post or web page on your WordPress website, and the directory will be generated automatically to display in your specified location.

This directory listing plugin has an intuitive user interface and comes packaged with a wide variety of premium add-ons. It is also completely mobile-ready, owing to the inclusion of Bootstrap, a part of the plugin that can be integrated with virtually any WordPress theme.

The nicest thing about LDD Directory Lite is that it can create a variety of listings, from basic directories, such as a list of employer names to intricate directories, such as sophisticated classifieds. This is the best feature of LDD Directory Lite.

You will need to acquire suitable add-ons, which can range in price from ten to twenty dollars apiece, in order to get the most out of this plugin, even if the core of the LDD Directory Lite is free to use.

11. Directorist

wordpress directory plugins

The Directorist plugin for WordPress is a no-cost add-on that does an outstanding job of generating online company directories. It works well with well-known WordPress themes and page builders and may be quickly moved from one website to another.

The free edition of Directorist comes with a CSV bulk importer, the ability to customize the listing form and search criteria, connectivity with Google Maps and OpenStreetMap, and up-to-date front-end submission and back-end management dashboards.

The premium extensions come with a plethora of directory enhancements, ranging from sophisticated booking systems and media presentations to payment and security systems. Their prices range from $19 to $29 per item, with a minimum of $129 required to purchase a bundle.

12. Directories Pro

wordpress directory plugins

Creating several directories on your website has never been easier than with the help of the Directory Pro plugin for WordPress. Its capabilities render it appropriate for listings of any kind, placing it among the most adaptable WordPress plugins now available.

Directories Pro caches both the mobile and desktop versions of the website data in order to guarantee that the online directories are responsive and load quickly. The loading times are enhanced, and the general performance of the listings is optimized as a result of this change.

When it comes to the way in which material is displayed, Directories Pro gives you a great deal of leeway to design your online directory. You don't have to muck about with the code if you use the Content Display Editor since it simply allows you to drag and drop the different display fields.

This plugin provides users with powerful search filters and features an auto-suggest option, both of which are designed to improve the user experience.

Users are able to post reviews and score the listings even without registering in or making an account when using this WordPress plugin, which is yet another advantageous feature of the software. This can entice users to interact with your online directory, which will eventually lead to the directory's enhancement.

39 dollars is the price for a Regular License that includes support for six months. You will be charged an extra $12.75 to extend this license's support period to 12 months.

The Extended License, which includes assistance for six months, costs $195. You will be required to pay an additional fee of $63.75 to prolong the assistance to 12 months.

13. HivePress

wordpress directory plugins

HivePress, which is not a plugin but a whole site theme, is ideally suited for creating independent directories that can be molded to serve any function.

This is a great way to create a place for visitors to browse real estate listings, local guides to food, drink, and hotspots, or just about anything else you'd need a directory for because it has large thumbnail images for each listing, categorical marquees you can place at the top of the homepage, and a keyword/location search bar.

In addition, because ListingHive does not confine you to predefined categories or other regulations, the platform may be simply shaped to correspond with your objectives.

This is especially the case if you or a team member has previous coding expertise. ListingHive comes with REST API endpoints for connecting to third-party applications, Hooks API for setting custom logic, and CSS or HTML methods for completely customizing the look and feel of the theme. Although you do not need to be a developer to use ListingHive effectively, you do need to be able to connect to third-party applications.

First and foremost, it won't be difficult for you to turn a profit with your brand-new HivePress directory website. You may charge users for listing submissions using the paid listings extension, and you can charge listing owners to have their listings published in your directory. You can also sell advertising space on your website and incorporate Google AdSense.

The best part is that HivePress and its expansions are available at no cost.

14. uListing

wordpress directory plugins

Get hold of uListing if you want to cut costs in terms of both money and time and reduce the amount of effort required. With the assistance of this remarkable WordPress directory plugin, you won't have any trouble putting together a WordPress website that features both company listings and classified advertisements. uListing is compatible and functions faultlessly with both free and paid tools, so there is no need to worry about the theme you are using to make it a reality. uListing's installation, activation, and configuration take very little time and are easy to understand, making it an excellent choice for both novices and experienced users.

uListing provides a comprehensive range of choices for customization. With the help of the builder's drag-and-drop functionality, you can rapidly generate your inventory grids and lists. You also do not need to know how to code in order to change and enhance things keeping that in mind. Additional features and functionalities that uListing provides include choices for tidy sorting, the ability to accept payments through PayPal and Stripe, a quick-search function that can be modified, and front-end listing submission. You don't need to give it any more thought; just get started right now with uListing, and you'll finally be able to make a difference.

15. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

wordpress directory plugins

When it comes to the Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro plugin (ACADP), there are no restrictions placed on the type of directory website you can create with the plugin. The list is endless and might include everything from automobiles, real estate, and vacations to dining establishments, rating websites, or the yellow pages. Additionally, the ACADP gives you the ability to organize your listings across a wide variety of categories and subcategories. In addition, no restrictions are placed on the number of fields that can be included. ACADP is a robust and flexible WordPress plugin that may be used as a directory.

Other perks of the ACADP include the ability to select locations and regions, a search widget, and a flexible layout. Additionally integrated within the gem are a variety of techniques for making payments, generating money, and sending email notifications. You may get started right away with your directory platform; all you need to do is download and activate ACADP.


Regardless of your niche and business needs, you can create a giant or region-based business listing website with the help of WordPress directory plugins. With the assistance of advanced features, you will easily configure and customize the website. Using several integration packages like WooCommerce, email, or CRM, you can further optimize your website management and deliver the best website experience for end-users. WordPress directory plugins make this process easier and more straightforward.

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