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10 Effective social media post ideas for small businesses

Natella Zadeh
Natella Zadeh Author
10 Effective social media post ideas for small businesses
Digital marketing tips Feb 16, 2022

Are you a small business owner surfing for some social media post ideas? Congrats, you are in the right place.

With over 4.33 billion users worldwide, social media has evolved from an online communication platform to a money-spinning wheel. It is a powerful tool for growing businesses in many industries.

Social media plays an important role in building awareness, connecting with customers, reaching out to greater audiences, increasing website traffic, and lead generation. When it comes to small businesses, having a range of creative social media posts for businesses has a great impact on building brand awareness to upbringing sales. For tens of thousands of businesses, social media is the only marketing channel and the primary source for sales.

Social media is not about the number of followers, but rather how the brands engage with their followers. In many aspects, small businesses have an advantage over big companies on social media marketing:

Why use social media marketing  as a small business  

Social media marketing provides enormous opportunities for established and small businesses to introduce their business to bigger audiences.

Know your customers 

You may or may not have much information about your customers. But social platforms give more precise data about your target group, their demographics, location, and active hours. Over time you get more insights about their interest groups, how they react to different types of posts, how they speak in comments and use that data to boost your social presence.

Free competition

We all heard about barriers put in front of small enterprises. Social media is the perfect market to compete with large businesses. Social platforms allow you to explore the market, connect with customers, and stay competitive. It is the place where creativity wins.

Spread your message

Sparing a huge budget for website optimization, finding third-party agents for promoting your brand is a time-consuming process. Your content is the cupid’s arrow here.

Your overall company goals should be transmitted into your content strategy. The more your message is aligned with your target audience the faster it will be delivered. The key here is to pick the right platform for your industry. Otherwise, your content will always be undervalued.

Blogger with loudspeaker influencing on audience in social media. flat illustration. Free Vector

Less expensive promotion

Although you may hire specialized agents to run your social channels or create designs, social media is relatively an affordable marketing strategy. Without spending any budget, you can reach out to your audience, update them about new products, sales, etc.

With a certain budget, you can also target your potential customers within the interests of your brand. This is a faster way of bringing new followers, new leads, and boosting conversions.


There is more space for personalization in small businesses. A study found that 53% of customers prefer small businesses because of the personal service delivered there.

When we talk about personalization, it is not just about approaching customers at your physical locations. You can deliver a personalized customer experience on social media through detailed answers, instant replies, and responding to brand mentions. These are the things that big companies don’t usually pay attention to.

Now that you uncovered the advantages of having social media channels for your small business it is time to achieve them.

10 effective social media post ideas for small businesses

1. Infographics 

Infographics are a creative way to share written content on social media. They allow putting tons of information in a single presentable visual. It can be about step-by-step guidelines, statistics, reports. Infographics are more engaging and more likely to be shared by followers.

The role of infographics in content marketing is getting increased day-by-day. These types of social media post ideas for businesses can be curated for any of the social media platforms out there.

2. Create industry-related posts 

Have heard about the 80\20 Rule? It suggests that 80% of your social media posts should be informative and educational posts about your industry and the remaining 20% should be left for sales and promotional posts.

Series are a great way to stick followers to your social media account. It can be a “did you know?”, live videos, interviews with industry experts. These posts will not only broaden your feed but organically increase followers.

Once users land on your account they will switch from one series to another to consume more of your content. Thankfully, the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn allow posting live videos where you can immediately communicate with followers and respond to their quests.

3. Create question posts

Are you planning to release a new product? Asking questions is the easiest way of learning insights into what your customers want to see from you. Polls are egood social media posts for business. You can look at polls as a quick version of traditional questionnaires you sent to customers.

The Instagram poll is an instant way of getting followers’ preferences. You can compare your products, their versions or get views about your upcoming products. For more development-oriented businesses, LinkedIn polls are more suitable. Here you can add up to four options and also let your followers engage in the comments.

Internet or electronic voting Free Vector

4. Create contests

Another creative way of increasing followers and keeping them engaged with your account is contests. The contest post ideas can be a hashtag challenge, brand filter, photo with your product, “best caption wins”, “best comments win” formats. Facebook contest ideas for small businesses can be giveaways, discounts, a day in office, anything that will grab the social media users' habits. Just be sure about the rules of content.

5. Repurpose blogs on social media

If you have a website your blog page is the main driver for website traffic. Sharing content across social networks can be the easiest and most-used part of content repurposing workflow. On platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter you can link to your website blogs and increase organic SEO. Also, you can make mini takeaways from your articles and create separate posts for each. It can be a carousel post to grab attention or a single visual with statistics or findings from the blog.

It helps you to save time on creating individual tasks while keeping your feed fresh.

6. Share customer reviews and testimonials

Get inspired by your customers. People are more likely to purchase if the product is recommended by other people. As a small business owner, you may not have enough budget for the promotion of your products. Instead, you can repurpose feedback as testimonials and share them on social media.

Contact your customers to get detailed information about their experience with your products and feature them in your Instagram highlights, Facebook albums. Once you do this, pay extra attention to increasing Facebook page reviews.

7. Create behind-the-scenes posts

Aside from all these creative post ideas, there will be times you are asking what to post on social media for business? Beacue users are more included to enageg with personal profiles posts than page posts. But building connection with users make them interested in your brand and interact with your posts.

As curious beings natures, we are always interested in learning about details. So, why not embrace it on social media? Displaying how your product has been made, which processes the inputs have gone through are creative post ideas for Facebook, Instagram, and social networks as well. Action-oriented visuals immediately grabs attention and increase your reach. This is especially good for handicraft businesses to share on social media.

8. Celebrate an achievement

Moving to the fun part. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, an award, or reaching a certain number, let your audience know about that. What happens to your organization, how you are moving your way are authentic social media content ideas for small business.

You can create periodicals about your hundredth, bicentennial, thousandth sales and let your audience know how they help you to get there. Your customers are part of your success. Be sure to include them in your celebration and thank them for supporting you.

Happy tiny business people dancing, having fun and drinking wine. corporate party, team building activity, corporate event idea concept. pinkish coral bluevector isolated illustration Free Vector

9. Articulate your company culture

Show inside of your company. Displaying your company culture helps the public know you better. It can be done a post about how your company approaches certain things, what is a typical workday in your office, fun Fridays, birthday posts, an employee of the month.

Businesses often are busy with sharing how they value their work forgetting to highlight the people who make that. Employees are the face of brands. Featuring employees on social media and giving gratitude for their work is humanizing your brand.

10. Add some humor

No matter how serious your business is there is always a place for humor. Right?

Plus to promote your work and integrating with industry trends, you can relate a few memes or GIFs to your posts to jazz up your feed.

It is no surprise that these social media content ideas for small business are more likely to get more attention and shares than regular posts. Humans innately look for positivity. These posts are a great way to show the charisma of your brand in style.

When to post on social media 

You need the right tools to accomplish all these creative social media posts for businesses and share them. Social media usage differs from social platforms on brands’ voice tone, active hours, content types, post ideas.

Social media calendar will work for planning your works ahead and engaging with your followers any time they are online. There are lots of plugins for social sharing that will schedule your posts to social media. FS Poster is a WordPress scheduler plugin designed for scaling the social media practices of businesses.

The Schedule module allows setting post times, day, publishing intervals. You can decide on post types for each social media account, add some custom notes for them with this feature.

The Calendar view helps to see all posts along with their dates and timing, post intervals in a snapshot.

In the Dashboard panel, you can further view the graphical illustration of shared posts, keep track of the performance of each social media channel.

How to Auto-Schedule WordPress Blog Posts to Publish Automatically

Ending notes

Here we give all the secrets of having a great social media post ideas for small businesses. You need to match your business with these creative post ideas for social media accounts and take your business to the next level. As a small business you may need a multi-vendor booking system like Booknetic. FS Poster and Booknetic are here to help you to grow your business.

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