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Commonly Encountered Issues

Challenge or Consent required

Please activate two-factor authentication for your account, so when you try to access Instagram through FS Poster, Instagram sends you the code via SMS that you can enter in your challenge box of FS Poster.  Please do not turn on the two-factor authentication by App and phone number. It should be active for only the phone number.

Also, log into your Instagram account on a browser or with the Mobile App and click the “It was me”

Instagram Challenge required

Then try to add again. If it does not help, add your account using the cookie method.

Your plugin is disabled due to using the license on the second address

We store the plugin license according to the domain name. Every 12 hours, the plugin checks the license from our license server. When two or more requests come from different addresses rather than the registered domain name to check the license, the plugin gets disabled. Here are some reasons:

1. The exact same WordPress site works on two or more different domain names. You need to check the wp-config.php file to see if the below codes or similar codes have been added to your wp-config.php file. There might be your domain IP address or another domain name. To fix the issue, you need to remove the codes. If you do not have the technical knowledge, contact your hosting provider.

define('WP_SITEURL', 'https://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
define('WP_HOME', 'https://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);

2. You have copied your website along with plugins. To fix the issue, you need to delete the plugin on the copied website;

3. You have installed a crack/nulled version of the plugin on the website before. Please deactivate and delete the plugin. Download the official version from Codecanyon and install the plugin again.

4. Any other reason that the plugin is on multiple websites using a license. To fix the issue, delete the plugin on other addresses.

You should install and enable the GD, libjpeg, libpng, and freetype libraries

The GD, JPEG, PNG, FreeType support have to be installed and enabled on your server to share images on Instagram. If you do not have the technical knowledge to install them, contact your hosting provider.

You should install and enable GD, libjpeg, libpng, and freetype libraries

Share posts on behalf of a Facebook page

1. New Pages Experience

You can connect your Page by inviting it to join the group and then inviting it to become a group admin. Keep in mind that you might need to change your group settings to allow Pages to join the group.

Once it's a group admin, you can feature your Page on the group’s cover photo.

2. Classic Pages

- Go to your page and enable the Groups tab;

- Refresh the page and go to the Groups tab;

- Link your groups to the page;

- Go to the FS Poster plugin and select the page that you have linked;

- The plugin will share the post in groups on behalf of the page.

Insufficient permission.

There are two reasons for this error:

1. For posting on your group, you should authorize the App for the groups. Go to the Facebook Group Settings > Apps section, and click the Add Apps button. Find your App name and add it to your group. If you use Fs Poster standard app, add it without confusing it with other apps. You can verify it by looking at privacy.

2. Facebook API doesn’t allow posting content that sells products on Buy and sell type groups. If your group is a Buy and sell type group, it will not be possible to share the post. You can change the group type.

Posts won't be shared because of missing the required Fileinfo extension

For posting on your WordPress websites, the Fileinfo extension must be installed on your server. Please ask your hosting/server administrator to install it.

Posts won't be shared because of missing the required Fileinfo extension

An unofficial version of the plugin is installed on the website

You have installed a crack FS Poster or nulled FS Poster version of the plugin on the website. We encourage you to delete it from your website immediately because it harms your website significantly.

So, you need to clean your website from the unofficial version:

Please go to WordPress > Plugins

1. Deactivate the FS-Poster plugin.

2. Delete the plugin.

3. Download the official version from Codecanyon and reinstall the plugin.

The account session expired or disconnected from the FS Poster plugin for the Cookie method

If your account session expired or disconnected from the FS Poster plugin for any reason when you have added your accounts to the plugin using the Cookie method, you can update account Cookie values. As a result, your accounts for the scheduled posts will not be failed, and your settings for the account will remain. Please use the browser Incognito mode and re-login your account to get new Cookie values. As a result, the session will remain for a long time.

Here are documentations for social networks on how to get new Cookie values:




Google My Business

Update accounts cookies on FS Poster plugin

Posts are sometimes shared on social networks without the Featured image

When you create a WordPress post, the plugin copies the URL of the post as well as your custom message and shares them on social networks. If you choose the “Link card view”, the plugin does not send the image to social networks. Social networks fetch the image of the post from the URL. If the image is not showing or showing incorrectly, it means that there are connection issues between your website and social networks. Here are some of the common reasons:
- Check the OG tags of your website, especially og:image meta tag should have been included in the website. Firstly, Social networks try to fetch images with this tag.
- Check if your website has an SSL issue. Social networks cannot access your website URL if there is an SSL problem.
- There's a timeout limit for each social network. For example, 10 seconds. If your website is loaded in more than 10 seconds, Social networks interrupt the query and give a timeout error.
- Check the types and sizes of the featured image. Every social network has its own requirements. For instance, Facebook will not support it if you upload small images to your post.

You can debug your website URL from the links below:
Copy and paste the URL of your post. If social networks cannot fetch the URL, it will give you the reason.

Posts are sometimes shared on social networks without the Featured image

You have exceeded your rate limit error when sharing to Pinterest

There are limits on Pinterest. The limit for an approved App is 1,000 requests per hour, and the unapproved app is 10 requests per hour. You receive this error as long as you exceed the limit of 10 requests per hour. Either approve your App or use the cookie method to add your account.

The post hasn't been shared on any account!

Here is the list of the reasons why FS Poster has not shared your published post:

- You have not configured Cron jobs on your website: If you want to share posts on time, please Configure Cron Job on your Server.

- You simply did not want to share the post and you have disabled the auto-posting:

The post hasn't been shared on any account!

- You have not activated your accounts: You need to activate your accounts in order to shares posts on them automatically.

- You are using a crawler or post generator plugin: Every crawler or post generator plugins have an author setting where you set an author. The post generator plugin publishes posts on behalf of that author. Social network accounts should be activated on the author's panel. Let's say you have defined the demo user as the author in the post generator plugin, you should activate your social network accounts on the demo user.

The post hasn't been shared on any account!

- Other users on your website shared a post: The plugin supports a multi-user platform. Each WordPress user can add and manage their own social accounts. One WordPress user cannot share any post on other's accounts. But you can make your accounts public for other WordPress users. For this, you should activate the "Make Public" option. After that, other WordPress users can post on those accounts/pages. And they should activate these accounts for auto-share.

FS Poster plugin multi-userMulti-user support

Sharing non-English characters on Instagram and Facebook stories

PHP image library uses font files to display letters correctly. The font file provided by the plugin supports many languages, but we cannot add a file that supports all languages because the size of the plugin becomes oversize. If you would like to share characters in your language, you either need to use the font file provided below or find the font file for your language. The file we provide supports all languages and its size is 22 MB so that we do not include it in the plugin by default

Click to download the file for all languages

You need to go to the FS Poster settings > Facebook and Instagram settings to upload the .ttf file. Note that the font file must have a .ttf extension.

Sharing non-English characters on Instagram story

The account has been deleted

You have deleted some accounts and then added them again so accounts saved in the schedules return this error. Please edit schedules or scheduled posts and add those accounts again.

It is recommended to re-add the account without deleting the account from the plugin, so you would not encounter this issue. When you re-add your account to the plugin without deleting the account from the plugin, all the account settings will remain. The accounts will also remain in the schedules accounts tab with valid social network tokens:

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