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How To Auto-publish And Schedule WordPress Posts To Instagram

Adding an account to the plugin

We have two options to add an account to the plugin. Before doing that, we need to know some Instagram rules:

1. Instagram does not provide a Public API for developers. For this reason, we have to use private methods, and we need to obey Instagram rules: try to use old accounts, do not spam, do not share very frequently, do not use URL-shorteners, and do not use content that people may complain about you.

2. You have two options to add your accounts. The cookie method is recommended unless you want to have links on your story image. If you do not need to have links on your story image, use the cookie method. Note that you have to have a +10K followers account to have links on your story image.

3. You should have either a featured image or a video in your post, product, etc., to share posts on your Instagram account. Instagram requires an image or a video and does not accept simple text.

4. For sharing videos on Instagram, you should install "FFprobe" and "FFmeg" extensions on your server. If they are not installed, contact your hosting provider.

5. PHP EXIF must be installed and enabled. If you are not able to install it, contact your hosting provider.

6. Links are not clickable on Instagram Read more about Instagram rules

Option 1: The Cookie method:

1. Go to FS Poster > Accounts > Instagram menu;

2. Click the ADD AN ACCOUNT button;

3. Select the Cookie method;

How To Auto-publish WordPress Posts To Instagram

4. Open the Incognito tab on a browser (Chrome is recommended, and you can open the Incognito tab on Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N keys);

5. Log in to your Instagram account;

6. Press the F12 key on your keyboard and click the Application tab within the opened window;

7. Click the Cookies on the left menu;

8. Copy the sessionid cookie value and close the incognito tab without logging out from your account;

9. Paste the sessionid to the dedicated input and click the ADD button;

10 Activate your account.

FS Poster -Schedule & Auto Publish WordPress Posts to Instagram

FS Poster -Schedule & Auto Publish WordPress Posts to Instagram

Option 2: The Login & Password method:

1. Go to FS Poster > Accounts > Instagram;

2. Click the ADD AN ACCOUNT button;

3. Select the Login & Password method;

4. Fill out your username and password of your Instagram account and click the ADD button;

5. Activate your account.

How To Auto-publish WordPress Posts To Instagram

You might encounter consent or challenge required while adding your account using the Login & Password method. It means Instagram has sent a message to your number or email that you have added to your Instagram account. Simply follow the steps in the email or text message. Then try to add again. If it does not help, add your account using the cookie method.

After adding accounts, you just need to create your post. The plugin will do the rest for you.

How To Automatically Post To Instagram From WordPress Using FS Poster

Sharing non-English characters on Instagram story

PHP image library uses font files to display letters correctly. The font file provided by the plugin supports many languages, but we cannot add a file that supports all languages because the size of the plugin becomes oversize. If you would like to share characters in your language, you either need to replace the font file provided below or find the font file for your language. The file we provide supports all languages, and its size is 22 MB, so we do not include it in the plugin by default.

Click to download the file for all languages

You need to go to the \wp-content\plugins\fs-poster\App\Libraries\PHPImage\font folder and replace the arial.ttf file.

Note that you need to replace the file again after the plugin update because the default file will be restored during the update. The font file must have a .ttf extension, and it needs to be renamed as arial.ttf

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