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Instagram posts are shared without an image caption.

Instagram removes image captions from posts when you exceed Instagram limits.

Here are some reasons:

- Hashtag limit: Your hashtag count is not expected to exceed 30. If you share more than 30 hashtags, your image caption gets removed automatically from Instagram.

- Character limit: You cannot exceed the 2200 characters limit; otherwise, your caption gets removed automatically from Instagram.

- Instagram Algorithm: Instagram has specific algorithms that check all your content of image captions and comments. If the algorithm finds content against the Instagram rules in your captions, the caption gets removed.

- Share limit: If you share too many images frequently, Instagram blocks you. You can log in to your Instagram account via browser and check whether you are blocked or not for sharing image captions.

- Spamming: Don't spam on Instagram. Don't use auto-comment, auto-like programs. If you type too many comments, Instagram blocks you from typing any text on Instagram.

- Server issue: Naturally, most of us use shared hostings. If any of the website owners on the same server has spammed on Instagram, the server is blocked by Instagram and it affects our queries to Instagram as well. If it is your situation, you need to use your own country-specific private proxies. It is not recommended to use cheap shared proxies because someone might also spam using this proxy address.

- New account: Often, if an account is new, or you have just a few pictures, or you try to post something and tagging other people.

Generally, the reason why this issue happens is not because of the FS Poster plugin. You might face the issue on the Instagram mobile app, too. If you try to do many actions on Instagram within a short time interval, Instagram blocks this action.

For example, if you send many requests, Instagram blocks you, and you cannot send requests anymore. If you click the like button many times within a short interval, Instagram blocks you, and you cannot click the like button anymore. If you type too many comments, share too many images within a short time interval, Instagram blocks you. As a result, you can not share any text on Instagram.

You should keep in mind that the possibility of blocking new Instagram accounts is more than the possibility of old ones. We recommend paying attention to these limits on Instagram that you are not expected to exceed:

Old Instagram accounts:

Comments: Comment limit is under 12-14 in an hour, 6-7-minute break between every comment.

Shares: There is no publicly known limit for shares, but old accounts are expected to share 5-15 images in a day.

DMs: There is no publicly known limit for DMs, but old accounts are expected to send 50 to100 DMs in a day.

New Instagram accounts:

You need to wait 36-48 seconds between any actions during the first 12 to 20 days for new accounts.

New accounts are expected to send 20 to 50 DMs in a day.

The most significant Instagram daily limit is that you should not exceed a total of 500 actions (follow, unfollow, like) in a day.


1. If you have too many actions in a day, Instagram might block only your session. We recommend you add your account to the plugin via the cookie method. If you already use the cookie method, you need to update the account sessionid. Please use the browser Incognito mode and re-login your Instagram account to get a new session. As a result, if only your session is blocked, you can avoid it by getting a new session.

Update account cookies FS Poster plugin

2. It is advisable to use your own country-specific proxies for private methods. By doing this, you will reduce the likelihood of being blocked on social networks.

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