How To Add A Medium Account To The FS Poster Plugin

To add your Medium account, please follow the steps below:


  1. Go to FS Poster > Accounts > Medium menu
  2. Click the "+ ADD ACCOUNT" button.
  3. Click the "GET ACCESS" button in the opened window and authorize your Medium account.




How To Create A Personal Medium APP And Add An Account To The FS Poster Plugin Using The Personal App

To create a Medium App, the following elements on your account should be ready.




  • A profile name;
  • A bio;
  • An avatar;
  • Two samples of your writing published to Medium.



  1. Go to Medium help center to submit a request;
  2. Choose "I'm having another issue or question";
  3. Choose "I have another issue or question";
  4. Fill out the form;

    Medim Form
  5. Click the Submit button;

When Medium accepts your request, you will see the developers menu under the settings of your account.

Medim Form

Click the Manage Applications button to create a new App. Fill out the form. You can copy your Callback URL from the Medium App menu:

Medim Form

And click the Save button. Now your App is ready. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret and add your App to the plugin.

Medim Form

Choose your personal App to add your Medium accounts.

Medim Form




Video tutorial: