How To Update FS Poster Plugin


Periodically, our developer team releases updates that provide new features or fix known bugs. You can update FS Poster with a single click directly from your WordPress panel.

Find the FS Poster plugin in the list of plugins. Under the FS Poster plugin, you will see the Update button. If there is no Update button, there should be a check for update button. Click the button;

How to update FS Poster plugin

Click the Update now button and enjoy new features.

How to update FS Poster plugin

Bugs in the beta versions are inevitable. Although we are testing the beta version on our websites, it is possible that you might encounter small bugs due to plugin conflicts and some other reasons on your website. When we release beta versions, we switch to the enhanced mode and release new versions to fix the bugs. If you do not want to face the bugs that may arise in beta versions, then you can wait for the release of newer and more stable versions.