How to add a Pinterest account to FS Poster

There are two methods for adding a Pinterest account to FS Poster.


Option 1: Cookie Method

  1. Go to FS Poster > Accounts > Pinterest;
  2. Click the "+ ADD ACCOUNT" button;
  3. Select the "Cookie" method and click the "NEXT STEP" button;

    FS Poster FS code worpress plugin Pinterest
  4. Open Incognito tab in Chrome (you can open Incognito tab in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N keys);
  5. Log in to your Pinterest account;
  6. Press the F12 key in your keyboard and click the "Application" tab within the opened window;
  7. Click the "Cookies" on the left menu;
  8. Copy the "_pinterest_sess" cookie value;

    FS Poster FS code worpress plugin Pinterest
  9. Paste the "_pinterest_sess" to the plugin and click the "ADD ACCOUNT" button;

    FS Poster FS code worpress plugin Pinterest
  10. Activate your account.

Option 2: App method

For creating a Pinterest APP and adding your accounts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Pinterest Developers page;
  2. Click the Apply button;

    FS Poster FS code worpress plugin Pinterest
  3. Enter an APP name, select the "Ability to publish only organic content, and obtain metrics and analytics back" option, and add detailed information of the app purpose;

    FS Poster FS code worpress plugin Pinterest

    We have a WordPress plugin named "FS Poster" which helps me to automate my manual works. If I want to share a post on Pinterest, I need to copy the post link and share it on Pinterest; however, the plugin takes the post URL and shares it on social accounts. The plugin supports 12 social networks. I have approved all the other 11 apps and need to approve the App for Pinterest too. Furthermore, we understand and obey the Pinterest policy. We ensure you that we don't have any intention to violate Pinterest policy or break any of Pinterest rules. Our plugin is not a social management platform, Marketing platform, B2B, or data analytics platform.
    How the plugin works:
    1. I add my account to the plugin using social network App http://prntscr.com/qktqad
    2. Gets access: http://prntscr.com/qku48c
    3. Now, Pinterest Board is added.
    3. The plugin will share it automatically: http://prntscr.com/qku6o4

  4. Enter details on how you will use Pinterest data and Create your API

    FS Poster plugin Add Pinterest App

    I am going to use the API to share only my posts on Pinterest. I will not use any Pinterest data. I only need the API to share my posts on Pinterest automatically.

  5. When your App is approved, copy your new APP ID and secret key;
  6. Go to FS Poster > APPS > Pinterest;
  7. Click the "+ ADD APP" button;
  8. Paste your APP ID and APP Secret and click the "ADD APP" button. Make sure that there is no white space before and after the APP ID and the Secret kry when you adding them to your the plugin;
  9. Go to FS Poster > Accounts > Pinterest menu;
  10. Click the "+ ADD ACCOUNT" button and select your new APP id from the select box;
  11. Click the "GET ACCESS" button and authorize your Pinterest account.