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How to add a VKontakte account to the FS Poster

Please follow the steps below to add VKontakte accounts to the FS Poster plugin:

1. Go to FS Poster > Accounts > VKontakte;

2. Click the ADD AN ACCOUNT button;

3. Click the GET ACCESS button and authorize your VKontakte account;

4. Copy the URL in the opened window and paste it to the dedicated input;

5. Click the ADD button.

FS Poster - Schedule & Share WordPress Posts to VK Automatically

FS Poster uses the official API of VKontakte. The alert says that you should not add your account token to another website you don't know. Because if you add the token on other websites or give it to someone else, they will have your long-time access token. In this case, you copy the URL and add it to your own website.

If you add your credentials, account cookie values, or Social Network API tokens on the other auto-posting services rather than your own website, you need to know that your credentials and accounts are in their hands. It is also an advantage of using FS Poster because, unlike other auto-poster services and plugins, we ensure 100% privacy. This is actually insecure for your safety because your access token is on their server; your data is in their hands. On the other hand, FS Poster works independently from our server. All data is stored on your own server, in your database. We do not have access to your data and do not collect your data.

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